8 Big Differences Between The Vampire Academy Book And Movie

By Jessica Rawden 2014-02-09 19:17:49discussion comments
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Dmitri Dmitri leades "Roza" to St. Vladimir. It makes sense that Dmitri would know a lot about the Dhampir and Moroi lore, but it does sort of stink that Rose isnít able to use her wits to come to a conclusion about her relationship with Lissa and St. Vladimirís relationship with his shadow-kissed partner. Most people probably won't complain about extra scenes featuring Rose and Dmitri, however.

Lissa Lissaís problems are downplayed. The Vampire Academy movie relies on wit and a light tone. Likely because of this, Lissaís cutting and emotional problems are downplayed quite a bit. We also never see the instance where she freaks out at an academy party when two guys decide to abuse one of the blood doners.
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