Captain America Screenwriters Tease 'Psychotic' Plot For Part Three

By Sean O'Connell 2 years agodiscussion comments
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Captain America Screenwriters Tease 'Psychotic' Plot For Part Three image
The good news about Marvel already confirming that Captain America 3 will be the feature slated for the studioís May 6, 2016 slot is that we can immediately begin mapping out the heroís future storylines without having to slash through the speculation and uncertainty that normally swirls around comic-book properties. We know Capís coming. So, who will he fight? Where might he go? Those in the know are starting to talk.

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely collaborated on the scripts for the first two Captain America movies, and have been hired to continue on part three. In a candid interview with the Den of Geek Web site, the duo dropped a hint as to what fans can possibly expect in the third movie, now that we officially know itís happeningÖ and soon.

McFeely, in the interview, admits that fans likely can "predict" the direction of the sequel because the duo will dive into piles of Captain America comics when mapping out the next film. But Markus, feeling a bit cavalier, did drop what could be a spoiler:
"All Iím saying is psychotic 1950s Cap."

Raise your hand if you were around in the Ď50s! OK, weíll try and break it down for you. This likely hints at the fact that we are going to see multiple Captain Americas in future sequels. In the 1950s, William Burnside worshipped Steve Rogers. Through a complicated storyline (that you can read about here). Burnside blackmailed the U.S. government so that he could become the next Cap while Rogers was on ice.

William Burnside

Now, things didnít go so well for Burnside Ė or for Bucky, Capís sidekick who fought alongside the "hero" for a while. But Iíll leave that for you to research, because you might not want to dig too deeply into spoiler territory before The Winter Soldier (or even after, for that matter). The "Burnside" theory is the one making the rounds immediately after this reveal. But are we barking up the wrong tree? Is there a different interpretation of Markusí off-the-cuff (but calculated) comment that we might not be familiar with? Share it below.

We are still a LONG way off from Cap 3, but the theories already are floating. Settle in, folks. The chatterís only going to increase, and grow louder. Decompress. Watch this new trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. See where Steve Rogers is at the end of THIS sequel before you commit to his path for the NEXT sequel.

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