Complete Tron: Legacy Image Gallery With More Than 300 Images

By Josh Tyler 2010-12-02 18:42:20discussion comments
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Complete Tron: Legacy Image Gallery With More Than 300 Images image
Tron: Legacy has started screening for select members of the press, but no oneís allowed to talk about it yet, which means just about any buzz youíve read is probably at least a little suspect. Thereís no telling how the story will turn out but one things seems certain: Visually at least, theyíve nailed it. Disney hasnít been shy at all about showing off just how stunning this movie looks, and today they took the unprecedented move of releasing more than 300 images from the film.

Iíve included just a few of my favorites amongst the new images below, but if you click over to our complete Tron: Legacy Image Gallery youíll see literally hundreds of cool stills from the film, set photos, and amazing pieces of concept art illustrating how it all came together. Itís pretty stunning stuff. Take a look by clicking on any of the images below to see our complete Tron: Legacy image gallery:

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