Complete Tron: Legacy Viral Game Image Revealed

By Josh Tyler 2010-02-24 17:11:44discussion comments
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The image thatís been coming together all day today as part of Tron: Legacyís new viral game at FlynnLives has finally been revealed. Itís been posted here as part of an advertisement for an exclusive, limited event of unspecified content happening in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Syndey on February 27th. So bad news for all of you in other cities whoíve been working all day to help uncover the Tron viral promotion: It looks like you get nothing.

Hereís the complete Tron: Legacy image, click it to see it in high-res:

For more details on the Flynn Lives game, how it happens, and where it's at now, visit our complete coverage right here.
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