Doctor Who Star Matt Smith Joins Ryan Gosling's Noir Fantasy How To Catch A Monster

By Nick Venable 2013-02-06 19:23:30discussion comments
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Doctor Who Star Matt Smith Joins Ryan Gosling's Noir Fantasy How To Catch A Monster image
You know the old joke, ďWhat do you get when you cross the eleventh Doctor and Young Hercules?Ē No? Thatís because itís not a joke, people. Itís real life news.

According to Variety, Matt Smith, the eleventh and current incarnation of Britainís cult hero Doctor Who, is coming to America and then heading to the underworld for How to Catch a Monster, the directorial debut from Ryan Gosling - who is producing the film under his Phantasma Films banner. The movie is described as a dark, surreal fantasy noir about a city slowly turning into an underworld, and is centered on a single mother and her two children, one of which finds a secret road that leads to an underwater town. A creepy fantasy that isnít based on a book that also doesnít have Tim Burtonís name anywhere near it? Iím totally down for this.

Smith joins a cast that includes the recently announced Eva Mendes, as well as Christina Hendricks, who has been attached to the film for a few months now. Actual production on the film is set to start at some time in the spring, so expect further casting to be announced soon. The children are always either the best or the worst parts of movies like this, so hopefully the casting process remains solid.

The film role will be a new experience for Smith - who previously in the dark sci-fi romance Womb, and the TV drama Party Animals - as heís never appeared in an American feature before. And he couldnít have picked a better film to hop onto, as Goslingís popularity and critical acclaim has remained on a sturdy plateau for years (though his last film, Gangster Squad could have been called How to Catch a Cold given audiencesí negative reactions to it).
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