Frozen Screenshot Reveals A Fun Cameo From Two Disney Characters

By Kelly West 2013-12-01 18:38:37discussion comments
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Frozen Screenshot Reveals A Fun Cameo From Two Disney Characters image
If you were watching Frozen carefully enough, you may have spotted a cameo from two Disney characters. If you havenít seen Frozen and/or donít want to be spoiled on this reported cameo, please read no further and consider yourself vaguely spoiler-warned!

The cameo in question involves Tangled leads Rapunzel and her love interest Flynn Rider, also known as Eugene. The screenshot from Frozen below shows the backs of two characters in a scene from Disneyís Frozen:

Frozen cameos

It certainly looks like it could be the backs/profiles of Rapunzel and Eugene over on the left, standing directly in front of Anna. A screenshot of a Facebook exchange between Tangled co-director Nathan Greno and an undisclosed fan has also been making the rounds and indicates that it's really them, though itís difficult to verify the actual source, as no links were provided, which makes me a bit skeptical. But going under the assumption that the exchange between Greno and this fan is legit, it seems the Tangled director was able to verify with someone from Frozen who worked on that shot that it is indeed Rapunzel and Flynn/Eugene.

I saw the movie, and admittedly, I missed this cameo. But Iím thinking the above scene is from the part of the movie where Anna sings "For the First Time In Forever," when she finally gets to head out into the village after being cooped up in the castle for years. Going under that assumption, it would seem Rapunzel and Eugene were among the people of Arendelle there to enter the gates and witness the coronation of the soon-to-be Queen Elsa. Itís a great little tie-in between Tangled and Frozen to think that the characters not only exist in the same Disneyverse but that they are close enough to drop by for a visit. And we can take that a step further by acknowledging that the cameo is another teeny glimpse into Rapunzel and Eugeneís happily ever after. Perhaps weíll spot Anna and her Frozen love interest (name left out for spoilerís sake) in an upcoming Disney Animation feature (maybe Nathan Grenoís Giants?).

In other news, as the colder weather approaches ó or has arrived, for those of us in colder parts of the world ó perhaps this clip of Olaf singing about summer will warm you up.

Iím gonna tell him.

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