God Of War Gets A Pair Of New Writers

By Eric Eisenberg 2012-07-11 00:11:19discussion comments
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This has been a great week of fans of video game movies and it's only Tuesday. Yesterday it was reported that Michael Fassbender had signed on to star in an adaptation of the hit game Assassin's Creed and earlier today we learned that a film version of Dues Ex is in the works. But that's not all!

According to THR, the upcoming movie based on the game God of War has found a pair of screenwriters to rewrite an existing script. The project first started development all the way back in 2008 when Brett Ratner was attached to direct, but he has since left the project. Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan are the two new writers in question, their most notable works being four out of the seven Saw movies. Scripts for Piranha 3DD and Feast were also written by the duo and most recently they did some touch up work on the screenplay for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim. The game follows a Spartan warrior named Kratos who goes on a mission to both search for Pandora's Box and kill the Greek god of war, Ares.

This project's biggest problem is that we already have Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans. While neither of those films were particularly good, they are basically the same aesthetic of God of War and the similarities may prove to be an obstacle for any director that signs on. Here's hoping they find a talented one.
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