Guillermo Goes Victorian

By Joshua Tyler 2006-02-09 00:00:00discussion comments
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The odds of Guillermo del Toro directing Halo just got a little slimmer. The rotund Mexican director is not doing either Hellboy 2 or Halo next, instead heís signed up to do a futuristic fantasy-thriller called Killing on Carnival Row.

Variety says New Line Cinema bought the spec for the project from screenwriter Travis Beacham. Itís the story of a Victorian city inhabited by a mix of fantastical creatures like elves and vampires, in which a detective pursues a serial killer.

Guillermo is currently finishing up work on the Picturehouse movie Panís Labyrinth, due out this year. After that, he was supposed to start work on Hellboy 2, though Microsoft and their conglomerate of studio investors have been trying to lure him into helming their massive, extremely high-profile Halo movie adaptation instead. So far, Guillermo has refused to bite.
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