Independence Day Sequel Rumors Denied

By Josh Tyler 2015-06-22 20:33:31discussion comments
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Earlier today we picked up a story here from the good folks at IESB in which they reported that Will Smith is signed on for two Independence Day sequels. At the time we made it clear that it was a rumor and suggested everyone wait for a second confirmation before marking it down as fact. And as we feared, the whole thing has been denied by Will Smithís reps.

Gossip Cop now claims one of Smithís representatives tells them that the story is "not true at this time." Does this totally debunk it? Nope.

First, Gossip Cop doesnít exactly specify who this representative was, which makes their story every bit as much a rumor as IESBís original report. Nothing wrong with rumors as long as we all recognize them when we see them. Second, even if Gossip Copís information is accurate, the rep says itís "not true at this time." So while itís unlikely that Smith is actually signed up, theyíve left the door open. It could well be that heís in talks to do exactly as IESB suggests and simply hasnít signed on the dotted line yet.

We do know thereís an interest in doing another Independence Day. Roland Emmerich wants to do it and Fox wants to do it. The sticking point has been Will, whoís been rumored to want more money than Fox wants to pay. The second they step up and pay it, expect to see this particular rumor come true.
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