International Iron Man 2 Character Posters

By Katey Rich 2010-04-14 12:34:21discussion comments
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At this point we've seen pretty much everything we're going to get from Iron Man 2 poster-wise-- the final domestic poster was basically a retread of all the floating heads images we've already seen, and even the individual character shots were the same. And even though over in Europe they may not be as saturated with Iron Man 2 promotion as we are, they're still getting a lot of the same poster imagery.

JoBlo picked up on a batch of four new character posters that debuted at Ecranlarge in France, where they're actually getting the movie a week earlier than us on April 28. Oddly, there's not an individual poster for Tony Stark himself, yet Rhodey and even Pepper Potts get featured. Way to throw a bone to the supporting players, I guess? Check out the posters below and in larger versions at Ecranlarge. Is it too soon to start hoping they'll come up with better poster art for the third movie?

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