Iron Sky Builds Production Deals

By Rafe Telsch 2008-05-22 17:51:06discussion comments
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Iron Sky Builds Production Deals image
One of those ideas that could either be really good or really bad has appeared on the horizon. Not only is it getting a fair amount of attention, but Iron Sky, a Nazis in space themed picture, just got a production deal and looks like itís going to go from viral trailer to full-fledged picture soon.

Blind Spot Productions has entered into an agreement with 27 Films to produce Iron Sky according to The Hollywood Reporter. The company was trying to build up attention for the movie during Cannes which apparently worked, with a co-producer now on board and even a Polish distribution deal in the works.

The movie follows a parallel history where the Nazis left Earth in a spacecraft in 1945 and established a colony on the moon. In 2018, they return to Earth. Blind Spot describes the movie as a dark sci-fi comedy, because Nazis make the best content for comediesÖ Actually, according to Mel Brooks, they do. I guess weíll see if Iron Sky can rival The Producers for Nazi laughs.

The trailer is actually kind of cool and has been making quite a stir on YouTube. Check it out below. Is this a movie youíre interested in seeing made?

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