Is Faizon Love Iron Man's Next Villain?

By Josh Tyler 2009-10-06 23:58:38discussion comments
Is Faizon Love Iron Man's Next Villain? image
I just got back from Couples Retreat and I find myself wishing Iíd seen less of Faizon Love. His body that is, his performance is fine and actually I sort of wonder why this guy hasnít been in bigger stuff. Part of the reason, or so it seems, is that heís turning it down.

Moviehole had a chance to sit down and talk with the Couples Retreat star and he told them that Jon Favreau has been after him to appear in Iron Man. Weíre not talking cameos either, it sounds like he wants him to play a significant part in the franchise, maybe as a villain.

Faizon says, ďThey already tried to put me in Iron Man but I couldn't. I think I would make it suck.Ē I disagree and so apparently do Iron Man director Jon Favreau and Couples Retreat director Peter Billingsly, who both encouraged him to hop on board the superhero movie. Love says that Favreau thinks heíd make a good villain and though heís been resistant to the idea in the past now he says, ďMaybe I should just get it out of my way and just do it?Ē

Itís probably too late to squeeze him into Iron Man 2, but thereís certain to be an Iron Man 3 at some point. If Favreauís still involved, why not give Love a shot? Heís normally cast in comedic roles but sometimes comedic actors end up making the very best villains. CGI his head onto a robot and he can be Modok. Or give him a microphone and let him be the unexpectedly hilarious voice of Fin Fang Foom. Ok, that last one is probably a bad idea, but watch your ass Don Cheadle. Faizon Love may want your War Machine suit. Those suits are one size fits all, arenít they?
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