January Jones Sets Her Sights On Supernatural Thriller The Shuddering

By Nick Venable 2014-02-12 04:53:06discussion comments
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January Jones Sets Her Sights On Supernatural Thriller The Shuddering image
For anyone wondering what will become of Betty Draper once Mad Menís seventh and final season is over, sheís probably going to see some g-g-g-ghosts! Actress January Jones has lined up her next gig as sheís signed on for the supernatural thriller The Shuddering, which somehow isnít coming from Blumhouse Productions but The Visitor producer Mary Jane Skalski, The Walking Dead producers Circle of Conformity and financiers Cargo Entertainment, who will be shopping the film around Berlin during the European Film Market.

You and I might scream for ice cream, but Jones will be playing a woman that screams due to strange visions. She returns to the town where the visions began in order to figure out why they started, but ends up getting involved with a mystery that "goes back farther than she could imagine," according to THRís description. Without more facts, that sounds about as generic as it gets, but it could go either way in the end.

Directing will be George Ratliff, whose 2007 "evil child thriller" Joshua was far superior to 2009ís more popular The Orphan; his last film was 2011ís churchy Salvation Boulevard, but he went back to horror for an episode of the online anthology series Dark Wall. The Shudderingís script was written by David Coggeshall, who wrote the arguably needless 2013 sequel The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia. Are these guys an unstoppable duo that will deliver huge, original scares? I donít know how to shrug that big.

One of seemingly few human beings on Earth that isnít in Bryan Singerís X-Men: Days of Future Past (to reprise her role of Emma Frost), Jones is currently filming Andrew Niccolís next thriller Good Kill, which is set for a probable release in 2015. Her last feature role was in last yearís western thriller Sweetwater from director Logan Miller, in which she got to show off more of her more badass acting chops. Check out the trailer for that below.

Mad Men is possibly still filming its last season, as it will begin airing on April 13. So production on The Shuddering is set to start at some point this summer. Whenever we get a reliable vision on when this flick might be coming out, weíll let you know. In the meantime, watch out for really creepy children.

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