LEGO Characters Outrun The Sinister Lord Business In New LEGO Movie Poster

By Kelly West 2013-11-14 15:17:18discussion comments
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Lego poster

Following a new trailer and a series of colorful character posters for The LEGO Movie comes another new poster, this one teasing Lego mayhem, as our heroes can be seen running in terror, while the the sinister Lord Business (Will Ferrell) hovers over a pile of fire behind them, a menacing expression on his face while fire shoots from his horns, which Iím pretty sure are made from LEGO coffee cups. Hey whatever works to connect your flames to your headpiece, right?

In front, we can see the hero of the story, Emmet (Chris Pratt), the LEGO mini-figure whoís mistakenly thought to be the extraordinary MasterBuilder whoís recruited to join a quest to stop Lord Business from gluing the universe together. The line-up along the bottom from left to right is Wonder Woman (Cobie Smulders), Green Lantern (Jonah Hill), Batman (Will Arnett), Emmet (Chris Pratt), Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks), Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), Uni-Kitty (Alison Brie) and the Green Ninja, though Iím not sure whoís voicing him (or her). Itís very possible Green Ninja doesnít speak, actually. Up above, we can see Spaceman Benny (Charlie Day) and Superman (Channing Tatum). It also looks like there are a couple of helicopters and other vehicles there, which I like to think took someone hours to assemble, using a set of fold-out instructions.

You can check out Emmetís character poster below.


And then thereís WyldStyle, voiced by Elizabeth Banks. She has freckles and cool streaks in her hair, which may have contributed to the wyld in her styleÖ


Other previously released posters show us Batman, Benny, the 1980s space man you can see floating around in the above poster, and the wise Vitruvius, voiced by the great Morgan Freeman.

The latest poster brings it all together, and shows what peril these LEGO characters have found themselves in as the world theyíre living in may soon become un-modifiable if Lord Business has his way. But the tagline is kind of a spoiler, as this is "a story of a nobody who saved everybody." Even if that turns out to be the case, the movie looks great (and funny). Check out the latest trailer below:

Directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, The LEGO Movie arrives in theaters February 7.
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