New Trailer For 13 Now With Extra Skarsgard

By Will LeBlanc 2011-09-15 08:02:44discussion comments
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New Trailer For 13 Now With Extra Skarsgard image
Itís been quite a while since weíve heard anything about Gela Babluaniís 13. The director has remade his own film, originally a French film titled 13 Tzameti, which follows Sebastian (now Vince) as he assumes the life of a dead man and gets caught up in a gambling ring where rich men gamble of heightened games of Russian roulette. This game makes Deer Hunter look like Disney Land as not just one person holds a gun loaded with one bullet, but dozens stand in a circle pointing their guns at the next in line. Their lives no longer in their hands.

13 stars half the cast of The Expendables and one smaller dude who will play the lead. Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, Ray Winstone, Alexander Skarsgard, and Curtis ďitís only a matter of time before I drop the 50 CentĒ Jackson get to show off some of their badassery in this new trailer that hit today at Yahoo! Movies. Check it out.

This time around, Babluani went with color over his original film which was release in black and white back in 2005, which I guess if you want to Americanize your movie thatís the best way to do aside from dropping the subtitles. The film follows essentially the same ilk but, not surprisingly, 13 doesnít look like it will have the subtlety of its foreign cousin, which can be said for just about every remake from overseas.

The film has been receiving mixed reviews in other countries where it has already been released, and will see release here November 8th on DVD.
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