Olivia Wilde Is Not The New Lara Croft

By Katey Rich 2011-10-31 07:58:54discussion comments
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Olivia Wilde Is Not The New Lara Croft image
Given how many actors have very active Twitter feeds, it's a wonder more of them don't use it to debunk the many silly rumors that get floated around. At least we can count on Olivia Wilde to set the record straight to her more than 300,000 followers. After a rumor emerged online (once again) that Wilde would be replacing Angelina Jolie in a reboot of the Lara Croft series, Wilde took to Twitter to bluntly set the record straight. Here's the full tweet, drag queens and all:

Granted, things might change at some point down the line, so if Olivia Wilde is cast as Lara Croft a year from now you can't call her a liar. But if it were even a remote possibility, you can imagine her being a lot more coy with the information-- in other words, if it benefited her to keep this rumor out there, she wouldn't have debunked it. But she might just be so sick of this particular rumor that she had to knock it out of the way. As recently as February the same rumor cropped up, once again from a small gossip site claiming inside sources but with no real evidence to back it up.

At the time they were saying that Wilde's role in Tron: Legacy had gotten her a lot of attention, and that may still hold true-- she really was the best thing in that movie-- but since then she's had a pretty iffy year, starring in the big misfire Cowboys & Aliens, turning in a supporting role in the flop comedy The Change-Up, and just recently giving another supporting performance in In Time, a movie that tanked this weekend through no fault of her own. Still, despite some misses this year, Wilde has enough working coming down the pike that, clearly, she doesn't need Lara Croft.
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