Ride Along Trailer Bangs Out More Generic Jokes While Kevin Hart Covers Skee-Lo

By Nick Venable 2013-12-20 05:42:29discussion comments
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Despite Kevin Smithís Cop Out doing its damnedest to make me never enjoy another buddy cop comedy again, The Heat has finished wiping the slate clean, and Think Like a Manís Tim Story is inviting America to Ride Along with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in a fight against crime, one corny joke at a time. Iím looking forward to this movie more than I thought I would before the first trailer came out, and itís based mostly on the chemistry between the two leads, which covers up any imperfections with energetic line readings.

Hart plays Ben, a high-school security guard whose life is about to change now that heís been accepted into the police academy, which he hopes will impress his fiancť Angela (Tika Sumpter). Of course, Angelaís brother James (Cube) is this badass detective who thinks Ben is just some small fry. (And rightfully so, as most people who stand up against Ice Cube fail to come off as very menacing.) So James takes Ben on a ride along in the vein of Training Day, which ends up being a ridiculously action-packed trip that puts them up against one of the cityís most dangerous criminals.

Even though Training Day is the movie name-checked, Ride Along is essentially a melting pot of Lethal Weapon B-stories, where Hart is playing both Joe Pesciís "how did I get mixed up in all this?" role as well as Chris Rockís "Iím just trying to marry Murtaughís daughter" role. Luckily, I donít think anyone is too old for this shit, because some of the jokes hit, like James being impressed that Ben broke a glass case with a manís head, while other jokes are pretty painful to sit through, like the opening proposal fake-out and the exaggerated gun recoil. How am I supposed to actually care about the eventual danger that these characters are in when Looney Tunes is apparently one of the inspirations?

That said, Iíll watch this without any hesitation when Iím in the mood for a flick that doesnít have white guys making dick jokes the whole time. But if the trailers themselves werenít enough, somebody behind Ride Along also had the genius idea to make a clip from Hart performing a rendition of Skee-Loís I Wish. Oh, you know the song if you were watching MTV in 1995.

If something that random and fourth wall-breaking happened in Ride Along, Iíd be all the more impressed. It would make up for seeing another lame take on the "man screaming like a woman" joke. Get your game face on and take a ride when the film hits theaters on January 17, 2014.
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