Ryan Gosling's Logan's Run Remake Taps New Screenwriter

By Sean O'Connell 2011-10-31 08:02:59discussion comments
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Ryan Gosling's Logan's Run Remake Taps New Screenwriter image
Drive collaborators Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn have tapped a new screenwriter to unlock their planned remake of the sci-fi classic Loganís Run.

Andrew Baldwin, an up-and-coming scribe whose credits include the Black List project The West is Dead, has been hired to reshape the current take on the 1976 classic, The Hollywood Reporter reports. As previously noted, Gosling would play the part originated by Michael York in the first film, which Ė derived from William Nolan and George Clayton Johnsonís 1967 novel Ė follow a futuristic society where individuals are killed when they reach the age of 30. Goslingís character is a Sandman, one of those tapped with tracking down Runners who donít want to die. Then, of course, he becomes a Runner, himself.

If you just caught Justin Timberlakeís In Time over the weekend and thought it was original, now you know it isnít. (Rent Blade Runner, as well.) And now, of course, weíre edging closer to a realized remake of the í76 film. This has been in development for some time, with filmmakers Bryan Singer (Superman Returns) and James McTiegue (V for Vendetta) working on it at different stages.

Refn and Gosling apparently plan on diving into Run after the directorís Only God Forgives, which is in pre-production. Itís the latest in a string of collaborations, delivering on the promise made by actor and director to try and become the De Niro-Scorsese of this generation. And if that doesnít get your pulse racing, nothing will.
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