Second Salt Trailer Makes It Look Even More Generic

By Katey Rich 2010-04-01 09:18:49discussion comments
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Sure, Salt has an intriguing hook-- Angelina Jolie as an American intelligence agent accused of being a Russian spy and accused of going on the run. But the more we see of the film, including a new trailer that debuted today at, the more it just looks like a generic action movie in which Angelina Jolie beats up a bunch of dudes while explosions go off in the background.

Even Liev Schreiber, who practically specializes in smirking in the background of bad movies, seems oddly blank here. Do these guys need to take a lesson from The A-Team in how to have fun in an action movie? Check out the trailer below and tell me if it feels as dour to you.

Watch in high-res at

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