Slumdog Millionaire Trailer

By Josh Tyler 2008-10-30 16:58:37discussion comments
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Slumdog Millionaire Trailer image
I think Iím finally starting to get it. Everyone has been raving about Slumdog Millionaire for months now, but for those of us who havenít seen itÖ the premise sounds hokey and the clips have looked sort of, well, lame.

Now the first trailer here and itís all starting to make sense. The spot makes the movie look like one of those Oprah book of the months given physical form. Danny Boyle is clearly channeling Oprah's spirit. Itís full of uplifting music and running, superstitious mumbo jumbo about destiny, and beautiful Indian landscapes and oh yeah, a silly game show. It might even be really good.

Itís the story of an 18-year-old from the slums of Mumbai, who makes it on the Indian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, and ends up just one question away from winning the entire million. One question away, heís accused of cheating and to prove his innocent he tells the story of his life. Cue the inspirational music. Hereís the trailer:


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