Todd Phillips Options Article About Stoner Arms Dealers

By Eric Eisenberg 2011-07-25 20:58:58discussion comments
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Todd Phillips Options Article About Stoner Arms Dealers image
Todd Phillips may never win an Oscar for the film he directs, but it's hard to deny that he makes funny movies. None of them are what you could call masterpieces and much of the humor is sophomoric, but Phillips knows his audience and has hit the nail on the head at least twice (depending on who you ask). While the director hasn't settled on what his next project will be just yet, he has purchased a new pitch that, should he decide to head-up, could be fantastic.

Variety has learned that Phillips has optioned the rights to a Rolling Stone article by Guy Lawson called Arms and the Dudes. The story, which was published the past March, is about a pair of in-their-twenties stoners, named David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli, who made a $300 million deal with the pentagon to supply allied troops in Afghanistan with weapons. While the duo was able to make 85 shipments worth approximately $66 million, federal agents arrested them in 2007 on 71 counts of fraud. In 2009 the duo plead guilty to one count of conspiracy and in January Diveroli was sentenced to four years in prison. Phillips, Scott Budnick, Mark Gordon and Bryan Zuriff are all signed on as producers.

Should Phillips sign on to direct I'd be curious if the story would end up being more drama than comedy. Sure, it's kind of a ridiculous premise, but there's definitely a serious side to the story as well. The director's last two movies - The Hangover Part II and Due Date - are both quite a bit darker than his previous efforts and could be a sign that his interests are shifting. You can read the entire article HERE on Guy Lawson's website. We'll be sure to report more on this project as it develops.
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