The Top 10 Favorite Movie Stars For 2015, According To America

By Adrienne Jones 4 months agodiscussion comments
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Everyone has their favorite actors, and, often those actors are actual, big-time movie stars. Well, a recent Harris Poll surveyed 2,252 American adults online between December 9 and December 14 of last year, to find out exactly who ranks as the biggest movie star in the U.S. And, while a little over two thousand people isnít exactly a whopping sample size, the results were still pretty interesting, even including a couple of genuine surprises. So, letís take a look at the top 10 favorite movie stars in America for 2015, shall we?

julia brad
9. Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt (Tie)
Technically, even though ten names appear on the list, there are only nine winners, since occasional co-stars Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt tied for ninth place. Roberts only had one movie released last year, Secret in Their Eyes (which received mixed critical reviews), while Pitt had two releases, the Angelina Jolie directed By the Sea, and The Big Short (which got mostly positive reviews). None of their offerings from last year were anything close to blockbusters, but being someone that audiences have a long history with proves to be important here. In 2014, Pitt came in at number three, while Roberts failed to crack the top 10 at all.†
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