Tyler Perry Gets Animated

By Rafe Telsch 2008-02-19 18:29:49discussion comments
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There are some geek actors who have said they didn’t consider themselves a success until they were an action figure. It looks like Tyler Perry is getting the next best thing. The notable writer/director is being turned into a cartoon. According to Variety, Perry’s production company is teaming up with Exodus Film Group to create an animated version of Perry’s signature character, Madea.

Although Perry has recently stopped using the character as much, Madea is a prominent part of the director’s break into mainstream acclaim. His movie Diary of a Mad, Black Woman, which stars the filmmaker as the matronly Madea, is what really put Perry on the map. Apparently there have been comments about the beloved character’s stories not being completely kid friendly. Voila: what’s more kid friendly than an animated version of the character.

Perry will write and executive produce the animated series, which will be funded and produced prior to being shopped around for a home, much like Perry’s other series, House of Payne. Since the cartoon will already be produced, it could become a direct to video production if a network doesn’t show any interest, although, frankly, the chances of that are slim. Perry is one of Hollywood’s power players right now, and a network would be wise to snatch up any opportunity they can get to be associated with him.
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