WWII Horror Comic Optioned

By Will LeBlanc 2009-12-29 09:04:51discussion comments
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We should all be used to seeing countless comic properties finding their way to the big screen. Even some of the smaller stories like Kick-Ass have been plucked from the world of glossy pages and paneled stories and given the Hollywood treatment. And now as we head into the second decade of this new millennium, it looks like nothing is going to change.

According to Variety producers Gil Adler and Shane McCarthy have wrapped their hands around the WWII comic Night and Fog, originally published by Studio 407. The comic centers on an island military base contaminated by a mist that turns its inhabitants into violent, blood-thirsty rage zombies. Think Saving Private Ryan meets 28 Days Later. These monsters adapt to their surroundings proving to be a nearly unstoppable force against the remaining survivors.

Adler, being no stranger to horror or comic adaptations, is the right man to have on the job. He produced and wrote for the classic horror series Tales From the Crypt cementing the fact that heíll have no problem making a weird movie based on an even weirder comic. On board as co-producer with Adler and McCarthy will be Studio 407ís Alex Leung, making double sure that this adaptation doesnít turn out like Wolverine.

No release information has been revealed as of yet.
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