Warner Bros. Adapting Upcoming Graphic Novel Bolivar

By Sean O'Connell 2012-03-06 08:50:41discussion comments
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Warner Bros. Adapting Upcoming Graphic Novel Bolivar image
Sean Rubinís upcoming graphic novel Bolivar must be a winner. It doesnít even reach stores until May 2013, and already it has a production and distribution deal with a major Hollywood studio.

That would be Warner Bros., which THR reports has picked up the rights to Rubinís story for Akiva Goldsman and Kerry Foster to produce through their Weed Road banner. Irish director Kealan OíRourke already has been tapped to helm the adaptation, which will be an animated retelling of Rubinís modern-day fairy tale.

The lead character in Bolivar is actually named Sybil, a young girl whose family moves to New York City, only to discover that their neighbor is the last living dinosaur on our planet. Named Bolivar, the dino becomes fast friends with Sybil and gradually emerges from the shelter of his apartment to go on grand adventures with the inquisitive little girl.

Though we know little about Rubinís writing and illustrations at this point, the artwork in the above image calls to mind Where the Wild Things Are, and the story harkens back to any number of fantasy plots where children befriend mythical beasts (the most recent that I can think of being the fantastic How to Train Your Dragon). Hopefully Bolivar follows the path blazed by those types of films.

OíRourke, meanwhile, comes off of a recent win at last yearís Irish Film and Television Awards, where he picked up a Best Animation Prize for The Boy in the Bubble. While Iím excited to see what he might be able to do with an animated Bolivar, adaptation, Iím equally excited just to read Rubinís graphic novel, to see if he has a story worth telling.
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