Watch Every Best Picture Oscar Winner In a Four-Minute Montage

By Sean O'Connell 2013-02-20 10:02:49discussion comments
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A lot of what we have been hearing about Sundayís Academy Awards telecast is about honoring Oscarís history, with tributes planned for the movie-musical genre and the James Bond series, which celebrates 50 years. In keeping with that tradition, a Vimeo user spliced together a moving tribute of the previous Best Picture winners, from 1928ís Wings to 2011ís The Artist. Hereís 85 years of Oscar history in a four-minute span:

The clip is edited by Nelson Carvajal, and itís amusing to see what brief, brief clips he chose to represent each movie. Like, the rose petals streaming out of Mena Suvariís cheerleader outfit is a fantastic shot for American Beauty, and is far more effective than, say, a floating plastic bag. And with Rocky, you have to have Sylvester Stallone standing on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. But how does one isolate a single scene to capture Lawrence of Arabia or Gandhi? Thatís a challenge.

As for this yearís nominees, Carvajal asks, ďNext?Ē followed by snippets of the nine Best Picture nominees for this yearís competition, from Steven Spielbergís Lincoln and Ben Affleckís Argo to Kathryn Bigelowís Zero Dark Thirty Ö all three of which were deemed frontrunners at various stages of the lengthy annual Oscar race. I will say that this is the first year that I can remember where we havenít had a clear-cut winner heading into Sunday Ė the way that, say, The Artist dominated the competition last year. Right now, Iíd say itís a coin toss between Lincoln and Argo to see which movie will be added to the end of Carvajalís montage. Which one would you like to see added?
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