Watch The Suicide Squad Trailer Remade With 90's Cartoons

By Corey Chichizola 4 months agodiscussion comments
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The full trailer for Suicide Squad was pretty remarkable. The editors used great footage, amazing music, and fan expectations to create a teaser that excites audiences while also not giving away too much of the filmís plot. So you may ask: what could possibly have made the Suicide Squad trailer better? By remaking the whole thing using the DC cartoons from the 90ís of course! Someone did just that, and the results were pretty hilarious. Check it out.

I mean, this is pretty awesome, right? While cartoon violence doesnít hold a candle to the effects and stunts being utilized in Suicide Squad, itís remarkable that someone took the time to go through the archives of the DC Animated Universe and find the clips that most closely resemble the shots used for the upcoming action flick.†

Youtuber Reuven White succeeded in capturing the overall tone of the original trailer. Perhaps most importantly, he used the music from Queenís "Bohemian Rhapsody" to punctuate the violence that will be depicted in Suicide Squad. Just like the original trailer, the hard percussion and vocal lines during "no no no" around the 1:12 mark were accompanied by punches, explosions, and firing of weapons.†

The cartoon version of the Suicide Squad trailer also calls back to the character who will be undoubtedly stealing the show. This character is none other than Harley Quinn, played by Australian actress Margot Robbie. Harley Quinn was first created and introduced to DC comics fans through Batman: The Animated Series. Originally meant to be a day player henchman to Mark Hamillís Joker, she was so well received that the character was expanded and featured more and more as the series ran. This reception has led to Harley Quinn being included in the comic book and video game Batman world. Robbieís turn as Harley will mark the first time she has been represented in live-action, and clearly theyíre setting her up to be the star of the movie.

Of course, this fan made cartoon trailer isnít without itís flaws. The DC Animated Universe didnít actually include all of the members of the Squad, so the editor had to make some creative changes in order to recreate the Suicide Squad trailer. Additionally, there was footage of a bunch of heroes that didnít necessarily need to be included. Then again, I sure wouldnít take the time to make such a cool video so who am I to judge?

Suicide Squad will be coming to theaters August 5th, 2016. For your reference, check out the original trailer below and sound off on the similarities between the two.†

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