What Would Fast & Furious 6 Look Like With Remote-Controlled Cars?

By Sean O'Connell 2013-04-09 15:04:05discussion comments
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People have a lot of free time on their hands. Some have more than others. And those who have the most free time on their hands spend it recreating the most-recent trailer for Justin Linís Fast & Furious 6 using remote-controlled model racing cars. See above for the insanity.

Itís not exactly shot for shot. The new clip is a little shorter (in length, as well as stature). But the tank recreation is pretty damn sweet, the shot of Paul Walkerís ride jumping an embankment and flying through the air looks about as real as it does in Linís actual movie, and Ė most important Ė they nail the grounding-an-airplane sequence Ö all except for the signature shot of Diesel blasting through the planeís nose. I guess there are still a few things Hollywood can do better than some guys with remote-controlled cars in a dusty alleyway somewhere.

The clip was posted to ViralVideos by Nitro RCX, and has made its way around the internet. Parody trailers for sequels that, themselves, are a bit of a parody are tough to pull off. This one is clever, and took some skill. Itís worth a look.

The real Fast sequel, meanwhile, is racing toward theaters with a splashy May 24 release date, dropping it into the start of the summer blockbuster season. Pretty much the whole crew is back for the new film, including Walker, Diesel, Dwayne ďThe RockĒ Johnson and Ė against all odds Ė Michelle Rodriguez. Tell us, do you like it better with real cars, or remote-controlled ones?
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