Eddie Murphy Will Star In The Twins Sequel With Schwarzenegger And DeVito As A Triplet

By Josh Tyler 2012-03-29 22:59:12discussion comments
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Eddie Murphy Will Star In The Twins Sequel With Schwarzenegger And DeVito As A Triplet image
Last summer we heard that Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger might be getting back together for a sequel to their weird, and weirdly funny 1988 comedy Twins. Then we heard nothing else about it and it seemed like it was one of those wild ideas Hollywood kicks around for a minute and then forgets. Except, now itís back and Eddie Murphy is involved.

The project is in development with Universal and Montecito Pictures and the big twist theyíre hoping to build it on this time is that itís not just twins, itís triplets. If you remember the first movie had DeVito and Schwarzenegger playing long lost twin brothers conceived experimentally. But it seems there was another matched brother neither of them knew about, and itís Eddie Murphy. That must have been one helluva womb.

It sounds like the Twins sequel, tentatively titled Triplets is still in pretty early developmental stages. THR says they donít even have a director yet, though theyíre certain it wonít be the director of the 1988 film, Ivan Reitman. Heíll only serve as a producer on the follow-up.

If this happens itíll either be the funniest movie of 2014 and finally provide the Eddie Murphy career revitalization everyoneís been hoping for, or itíll set a record for the most Razzies won by any one film in a single calendar year. Thereís no room for middle ground here.
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