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Adam Sandler's Best Movie: Happy Gilmore
The year was 1996 and I was just months away from graduating high school when Happy Gilmore was released. As though Adam Sandler knew I had years of procrastination ahead of me with college just on the horizon, he co-wrote and starred in this gem of a film about an aspiring hockey player who takes his insane slapshot to the golf course in an effort to save his grandmother’s house from being seized by the IRS.
Adam Sandlers Best Movie Kelly West 2011-02-11
Adam Sandler's Best Movie: Funny People
At the heart of Funny People lies a devastating truth known only to those of us foolish enough to care about comedy: the funnier you get, the harder it is to laugh
Adam Sandlers Best Movie Mack Rawden 2011-02-10
Adam Sandler's Best Movie: Punch-Drunk Love
By 2002 Adam Sandler was no longer “that funny guy with the guitar on Saturday Night Live.” He wasn’t even “that guy from Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison.”
Adam Sandlers Best Movie Eric Eisenberg 2011-02-09
Adam Sandler's Best Movie: The Wedding Singer
The 80s references are what we all remember-- plus the rapping granny, which I promise was hilarious at the time-- but The Wedding Singer is really just a genuine and sweet love story
Adam Sandlers Best Movie Katey Rich 2011-02-08
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