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Tom Hiddleston Wants James Bond Producers To Know He's Very Interested
While there’s still a chance that Daniel Craig may reprise his role as James Bond the next time the British spy arrives on screen, most signs point to Craig moving on and the Bond producers needing to find a replacement.
Bond 24 Dirk Libbey 2016-03-07
Daniel Craig Done As James Bond? Someone May Have Spilled The Beans
Even before the release of the most recent James Bond movie, Spectre, there was chatter that Daniel Craig may have had his fill of playing the famous spy. Now it appears that may have been more than talk.
Bond 24 Dirk Libbey 2016-02-23
Daniel Craig Back For Spectre's Sequel? Here's What The Producers Say
Please, oh please give us more Craig. While Spectre has the possibility of being Daniel Craig’s last time playing 007, one of the producer’s isn’t going to let him get away so easy.
Bond 24 Corey Chichizola 2015-12-01
Who James Bond Was Originally Going To Kill In Skyfall
At this point James Bond has pretty much done it all. He’s fought all the bad guys, he’s been with all the girls. You’d think at this point they’d be running out of ideas. It turns out, however, that there are actually ideas that they’ve had to turn down
Bond 24 Dirk Libbey 2015-11-20
The Spectre Scene They're Refusing To Show In India
In the global world we live in it’s not uncommon to see something considered innocuous in one place handled very differently somewhere else. It happens a lot when pop culture is exported from one country to another.
Bond 24 Dirk Libbey 2015-11-19
Why Sam Mendes Thinks It's OK For Him To Walk Away From James Bond After Spectre
Spectre continues to lead the box office in its second week of release and while it doesn’t look like it will be anotherSkyfall the movie will certainly do some solid business. Where the James Bond franchise will go from here is now a question of debate.
Bond 24 Dirk Libbey 2015-11-16
5 Mega-Hyped Movie Villains From 2015 Who Were Really Disappointing
What has happened to all of the good villains? They certainly went missing in 2015 that's for sure.
Bond 24 Gregory Wakeman 2015-11-12
Christoph Waltz's James Bond Would Be Drastically Different, According To Christoph Waltz
Each actor who has played the iconic role of James Bond has brought something unique to the part. Having said that, many of James Bond’s traits carry over from one actor to the next.
Bond 24 Dirk Libbey 2015-11-09
Video Proves Daniel Craig's Casino Royale Has More Problems Than We Remember
James Bond’s newest adventure Spectre hits theaters today so it’s time to celebrate. Over at CinemaSins the guys celebrate by making fun of the Daniel Craig James Bond films.
Bond 24 Dirk Libbey 2015-11-06
The Ridiculous Amount Of Money Spectre Needs To Make To Break Even
The road to the screen for the new James Bond movie, Spectre has been a difficult, and expensive one. The budget problems that the film had were no secret and with the film on the verge of release it’s time for the chickens to come home to roost.
Bond 24 Dirk Libbey 2015-11-04
007 Reasons Why Daniel Craig Is The Best Bond Ever
Spectre's release has seen many people label Daniel Craig as the best James Bond ever. Here's why he's just that.
Bond 24 Gregory Wakeman 2015-11-03
What's Going On With Gambit? Lea Seydoux Can't Really Say
If you’ve been following the development of the X-Men spin-off movie Gambit, then you know that it has been in a bit of trouble recently.
Bond 24 Eric Eisenberg 2015-11-03
This Rotten Week: Predicting Spectre and The Peanuts Movie Reviews
Couple of bigger name movies hitting the screen this week. We’ve got James Bond and Charlie Brown, two more opposite characters there are not. Get ready for this rotten week!
Bond 24 Doug Norrie 2015-11-02
How Moneypenny And James Bond's Relationship Will Change In Spectre
Miss Moneypenny has been an enduring part of the James Bond franchise for as many decades as the series has existed. Now, though, we'll get to see a different kind of camaraderie between the secretary and the super spy.
Bond 24 Adrienne Jones 2015-10-29
Spectre Is Already A Huge Hit, Check Out These Numbers
Generally, sequels to movies are less successful than the original. What makes the James Bond series so special is that, even now, in its 24th iteration, they continue to eclipse one another, as looks to be happening with the latest Bond movie, Spectre.
Bond 24 Joshua Waldrop 2015-10-27
Why Daniel Craig Originally Planned To Pass On James Bond
James Bond is one of those characters that you’d think any actor would jump at if they were offered. The legacy goes back decades and joining that club will make you world famous overnight.
Bond 24 Dirk Libbey 2015-10-23
Who Should Play James Bond Next? Roger Moore Has Two Choices
Listen, at the very least, can we all get behind Jessica Chastain’s dream of one day playing a Bond villain? Because that has to be the closest thing to perfection we can imagine at this point.
Bond 24 Sean O'Connell 2015-10-16
10 Blunt And Brilliant Daniel Craig Quotes About The New James Bond
Daniel Craig’s ready for a holiday. His work on the latest James Bond adventure, Spectre, is finished. All that’s left is the promotion, which should take Craig and his 007 compatriots to the corners of the globe where they can market Sam Mendes’ effort to the masses.
Bond 24 Sean O'Connell 2015-10-07
Watch Christoph Waltz Officially Kill The Spectre Blofeld Rumor In One Frustrated Speech
In a dark room at the end of a long, shadowed hallway, I learned the first rule of talking to Christoph Waltz about James Bond: don’t bring up Blofeld. I interviewed him while visiting the set of Spectre many moons ago, and the Blofeld chatter was the hot ticket rumor at the time. The Oscar-winning actor was having none of it. Watch his latest response below.
Bond 24 Nick Romano 2015-10-05
Why Spectre Won't Be Like Your Average James Bond Movie
When you think of Marvel films, the Avengers and their subsidiaries found the most success when they diverted from the cliched superhero movie template. The same could very well be true of Spectre.
Bond 24 Nick Romano 2015-10-05
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