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Exclusive All Is Lost Blu-ray Clip Takes The Film From Storyboard To Screen
J.C. Chandor’s second film offers a look at a man dealing with a slow shipwreck out at sea, and we have an exclusive feature from the Blu-ray release looking at how Chandor was able to bring the film to life on the big screen.
all is lost Jessica Rawden 2014-02-06
The 5 Biggest Musical Snubs At The Oscars
This year, the Academy tried to spread the wealth musically. When the nominations were announced this morning, the music categories honored a rock band (U2), an idiosyncratic experiment (Her), two animated films (Frozen, Despicable Me 2) and John Williams (The Book Thief). But like each year, there was a whole lot left on the table.
all is lost Gabe Toro 2014-01-16
Tom Hanks And Four More Disgraceful Best Actor Oscar Snubs
We can spend weeks reading the tea leaves – and because the Oscar ceremony is still more than a month away, we likely will waste all of that time. My guess is that Hanks split his attention between two performances, and ended up on the short end of the nominee stick in both instances.
all is lost Sean O'Connell 2014-01-16
5 Movies That Lost Some Serious Oscar Momentum This Morning
Nominations for the SAG Awards never match nominations for the Academy Awards completely, but there is usually quite a bit of overlap. Last year, for example, both of the male categories matched 4/5. So, while the average person might not even watch the ceremony when it’s aired on TNT and TBS in January, if they’re into the Oscars at all, they should take a long hard look at the nominees that were released this morning
all is lost Mack Rawden 2013-12-11
12 Years A Slave And Nebraska Pull In Big Independent Spirit Award Nominations
Presented by Film Independent, the Spirit Awards typically honor the smaller-budget artistic endeavors that harbor Oscar hopes but (depending on whom you believe) don’t possess the proper awards budget to actively campaign for the golden statue.
all is lost Sean O'Connell 2013-11-26
NYFF Review: Robert Redford Is Adrift In The Supposed Thriller All Is Lost
Redford stars as this unnamed sailor who was out at sea, alone on his yacht, when disaster struck. Snoozing in his below deck cabin, this man, who I will call Captain, is awakened to the sound of rushing water as a free floating freight container tears a hole in the side of his boat. Rather than panic, our captain instantly and silently begins to assess the situation.
all is lost Kristy Puchko 2013-10-10
The Five Can't-Miss Movies Playing At The 2013 New York Film Festival
The full slate for the 51st New York Film Festival is littered with titles we’ll likely be talking about for the rest of the year (as the Oscar picture snaps into focus), and possibly for years to come. Potential classics from Paul Greengrass (Captain Phillips), Joel and Ethan Coen (Inside Llewyn Davis), Alexander Payne (Nebraska), Jim Jarmusch (Only Lovers Left Alive) and more.
all is lost Sean O'Connell 2013-08-19
Robert Redford Confirmed For J.C. Chandor's All Is Lost
Redford is set to star in the gritty drama, which will center on one man's efforts to survive when left adrift at sea. There's no word yet on how this poor wretch—to be played by Redford—comes to such a terrifying predicament, but Deadline does offer a curious revelation, calling Redford "the sole castmember" of All is Lost. Does this mean Chandor is actually jumping from a fast-paced ensemble drama to an inevitably slow-paced, singularly set solo-piece?
all is lost 2012-02-09
Robert Redford May Star In All Is Lost, Margin Call Director's Next Film
All Is Lost is described as a "man vs. nature" story and will be set "on the water." That could mean ocean, it could mean river, it could mean oversized above-ground swimming pool. Okay, the former is probably the most likely, because Chandor has been scouting the Baja Film Studios in Mexico, which is the locations of the big-ass water tank used in movies such as Titanic.
all is lost David Wharton 2011-12-16
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