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Wait, Another RoboCop Movie May Actually Happen?
In recent weeks, we've been reading reports about how success at the Chinese box office could wind up not only saving Terminator Genisys from being considered a failure, but also convince the studio to make a sequel. If new reports are to be believed, it seems that Sony's RoboCop series might be in the exact same boat.
robocop Eric Eisenberg 2015-09-13
9 Classic Movie Robots, Ranked By How Lethal They Are
How does Chappie match up to the other robots of cinema history? Is he has badass as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator, as gun happy as RoboCop or as clever as R2-D2?
robocop Nick Romano 2015-03-07
Top 20 YouTube Movies Available To Watch
Believe it or not, YouTube has some quality films hiding within its walls... and some of them are even free to watch! Here's a list of 20 prime candidates that you might want to bookmark before the next Winter Storm/Sick Day.
robocop Mike Reyes 2015-02-27
Watch Women Beat The Hell Out Of People In This Epic Supercut
Do you like films with strong female leads? Do you like to watch "the fairer sex" prove that they’re not as fair as society has often portrayed them? Then you’ll get a kick out of this supercut tribute to women in prominent action movie roles…literally.
robocop Nick Romano 2015-01-27
Netflix New Releases: Movies And TV Shows To Be Available Streaming In February
February is nearly upon us and with it brings some exciting additions to Netflix's streaming lineup. Among the movies and TV shows set to stream on Netflix in February are RoboCop, Scary Movie 5 and Spartacus..
robocop Kelly West 2015-01-23
Watch The Worst Movies Of The Year Review Themselves In This Hilarious Video
Here on Cinema Blend, we've spent a good chunk of the past month celebrating the best in cinema that 2014 had to offer, but now we're going to switch gears and talk about the opposite side of the quality scale. But rather than slamming these titles ourselves, the following video allows those less-than-great features to slam themselves.
robocop Eric Eisenberg 2014-12-31
The 20 Most-Pirated Movies Of 2014
Torrent use continues to be a buzzed-about topic in the industry, especially as studios and industry experts get a look at the numbers of the films that were illegally downloaded in 2014.
robocop Sean O'Connell 2014-12-29
This Supercut Of Fake Movie Ads Is Pure Greatness
Product placement has become an unfortunately big part of modern studio filmmaking, but there are some ads in movies that we can still appreciate: the fake ones. Rather than actually trying to tell us something, they merely exist as a fun gag or even sometimes as a plot device. And now you can see a whole bunch of them mashed together in this fantastic new supercut.
robocop Eric Eisenberg 2014-11-04
Watch 26 Epic Death Scenes, Picked By 26 Different Directors
Drafthouse Films and Magnet Releasing have come up with the greatest promotional tool ever for their anthology horror ABCs of Death 2. they asked all 26 directors to name their favorite cinematic death scenes, and then put them all together in one explosive, disturbing and mildly depressing supercut!
robocop Nick Venable 2014-10-24
This Week In Home Entertainment: Robocop, Lone Survivor And More
RoboCop has a lot going for it. The PG-13 remake of a 1987 hard R classic is a visually appealing narrative with plenty of glossy action sequences. It ranks up there with Gravity and Avatar as far as its VFX goes. Add in a few nice acting performances and a fine enough script and RoboCop becomes a decently entertaining movie. The only angle that it is really missing is fun.
robocop Jessica Rawden 2014-06-03
RoboCop Throwing Out First Pitch At Baseball Game
Today sees the release of the RoboCop remake on Blu-ray and DVD, and to celebrate RoboCop himself will be making an appearance in Detroit to throw the first pitch a the Tigers game. However, plans to unveil the crowd-funded RoboCop memorial have been cancelled.
robocop Kristy Puchko 2014-06-03
RoboCop Will Fight Its Way Onto Blu-ray In June
Starring The Killing’s Joel Kinnamon, Gary Oldman, Michael Keatman, Abbie Cornish and a whole host of other prominent names, the movie made for a pretty good watch in theaters, and soon the action flick is springing onto Blu-ray, DVD and Digital, thanks to a collaboration between MGM Studios and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.
robocop Jessica Rawden 2014-05-02
Did You Know Robocop Has An Almost Perfectly Symmetrical Plot?
A film blogger recently brought to everyone’s attention that the original Robocop film is a near perfect example of a symmetrical story. Known as a chiasmus, the story can use the same events twice, while employing diametric opposition to keep the story moving. In other words, Robocop is the ultimate story of payback in equal measure, thanks to everyone’s favorite “bad mothercrusher.”
robocop Mike Reyes 2014-05-01
RoboCop Gets Another Remake... This One Created By Fans
The crowd-sourced film was created by a mix of 50 amateur and professional filmmakers from Los Angeles and New York who agreed to split the 1987 action classic into parts to be remade. Rather than being an exact shot-for-shot remake, it is instead the various interpretations of the movie in the hands of the different teams.
robocop Eric Eisenberg 2014-03-05
The RoboCop Reboot Might Have Earned Enough To Justify A Sequel
After this weekend, Padilha’s reboot has crossed the $51 million mark, domestically. Here’s a number, though, that will really turn your head. RoboCop has banked $136 million overseas. Which means, globally, the reboot is fast approaching the $200 million mark. That’s sequel money.
robocop Sean O'Connell 2014-03-04
For The Love Of RoboCop, Please Give Us A Sequel
With a passable but not outstanding box office haul last weekend, RoboCop's chances of getting a sequel may hinge on how well the film does overseas. In the meantime, we're faced with the question of whether or not the film needs a sequel. Do we want one? Would we see it?
robocop Kelly West 2014-02-18
Robocop: For The Love Of OmniCorp, Please Don't Give Us A Sequel
In other words, they tried following up Robocop before, and it just didn’t work. To think they might try again, with Sony’s latest upgrade of the source boggles the mind.
robocop Gabe Toro 2014-02-17
Joel Kinnaman Tells Us Why This RoboCop Needed To Be PG-13
The new remake from Brazilian director José Padilha is rated PG-13, cutting down on the extremely graphic content that was so crucial to the first film. It was a controversial choice made by the filmmaker, but one that star Joel Kinnaman wholeheartedly defended when I had the chance to speak with him a couple weeks back at a RoboCop press event held in Los Angeles.
robocop Eric Eisenberg 2014-02-13
Robocop's Weak Box Office Start Blamed On Bad Winter Weather
And it seems as if their fears have been confirmed. Last night, inclement weather pretty much made the public both robo-phobic and wind chill-phobic, according to Deadline. Fans stayed home and the actioner barely got by The Lego Movie for the day’s grosses, netting only $2.75 million.
robocop Gabe Toro 2014-02-13
6 Oddly Brilliant But Random RoboCop Sightings
Now that we have a radical new vision for the character in theaters, the $130 million remake, it’s time to look back and realize, hey: this is a really strange franchise. MGM and Sony want to restart the film series as an exciting cross-genre blockbuster, but the fact is Detroit’s metallic gunslinger has been pretty well-traveled.
robocop Gabe Toro 2014-02-13
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