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World War Z Being Looked At As The First Of A Trilogy
If it hasn't already been made abundantly clear, Hollywood loves franchises and sequels. Whether prudent or not, studios will do everything in their power to produce sequels to movies that may not necessarily need them. And it stars in pre-production too. The Hunger Games and Twilight were so appealing to the movie industry not just because of book sales but because they came prepackaged as a potential trilogy.
Marc Forster Eric Eisenberg 2012-01-03
Gerard Butler May Be Circling Submarine Thriller Hunter Killer
Gerard Butler’s on a world-saving kick lately. Shortly after the trailer for his drug-dealer-turned-freedom-fighter drama Machine Gun Preacher reached the Web, we’re seeing a story that links the burly 300 star to another thriller that would cast Butler as the captain of some butt-kicking Navy SEALS.
Marc Forster Sean O'Connell 2011-08-19
First Trailer For Machine Gun Preacher Has Gerard, God, And Guns
Yesterday we posted the first trailer for Ralph Fiennes' adaptation of William Shakespeare's Coriolanus. In that film Gerard Butler plays Tullus Aufidius, the story's antagonist who helps Coriolanus invade his own city, despite the fact that they are sworn enemies. Today we have another trailer for a Gerard Butler film, and while this character is still a violent individual who carries a weapon, this time he's fighting on the side of good.
Marc Forster Eric Eisenberg 2011-08-18
World War Z Gets A December 2012 Release Date
Even though Zack Snyder's Man of Steel ended up moving its release date to June 2013, next December is still packed to the gills with potential winter blockbusters. Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Ang Lee's Life of Pi, Gore Verbinski's Lone Ranger and Philip Noyce's Hunter Killer will all be going up against each other in the three week stretch
Marc Forster Eric Eisenberg 2011-08-09
Bryan Cranston May Join World War Z For Small But Flashy Role
Since Max Brooks’ World War Z novel is basically a series of short stories told from the point of view of different people who lived through the zombie apocalypse, we can probably be safe in assuming that more headlines like this one will emerge as these vignettes get cast.
Marc Forster Will LeBlanc 2011-08-06
The Killing Star Mireille Enos Will Star Opposite Brad Pitt In World War Z
Though The Killing only began airing on AMC a few weeks ago it's been an instant hit, and playing the lead role of homicide detective Sarah Linden Enos is suddenly a much bigger star-- like, playing Brad Pitt's wife-level star-- than she was even a month ago
Marc Forster Katey Rich 2011-04-26
Michelle Monaghan Joins Gerard Butler In Machine Gun Preacher
Michelle Monaghan has signed on to play Butler's wife, a woman who cleaned up her own act and took care of their kids back home while he was overseas playing savior, and Michael Shannon is in talks to play the best friend to kept her company
Marc Forster Katey Rich 2010-05-10
Gerard Butler Will Save Sudanese Orphans
Gerard Butler is already famous for playing an idealized, slightly silly version of a real-life hero from the very, very distant past, so why not go for something a little more realistic and modern-- but equally ass-kicking?
Marc Forster Katey Rich 2010-01-18
Marc Forster Adapting Another Ludlum Novel For Paramount
As Universal flails and tries to figure out a way to keep capitalizing off Jason Bourne when neither Paul Greengrass or Matt Damon wants to make another one, Paramount is taking its own Robert Ludlum story to the big screen
Marc Forster Katey Rich 2010-01-15
World War Z Hits Delays
K, it's not exactly like Forster is abandoning World War Z, and I'd much rather him get the script in shape than go forward with a bad one. But we need our zombies! And Disconnect sounds boring! If I whine long enough, will this zombie action get going faster?
Marc Forster Katey Rich 2009-06-16
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