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Interview: The Conspirator's James McAvoy On Representing America And Robert Redford
I talked to McAvoy on the phone earlier this week about the research that went into starring in The Conspirator, how he got over his initial terror of Redford, and why this particular segment of history resonates with him. We touched very briefly on X-Men: First Class at the end
Robert Redford Katey Rich 2011-04-14
Virgin Territory: Katey's First Time With All The President's Men
Katey’s back with the newest installment in “Virgin Territory”, her ongoing series of video blogs in which she discusses movies she’s never seen before with one of that film’s biggest fans. This time, she has her first experience with the 1976 political thriller All the President’s Men.
Robert Redford CB 2011-04-08
Robert Redford Playing Brooklyn Dodgers Exec In Jackie Robinson Biopic
At least the story is solid enough to bring Redford back to the screen; the Sundance founder last acted in Lions for Lambs, which he also directed, and doesn't appear onscreen at all in his newest directorial effort, The Conspirator
Robert Redford Katey Rich 2011-04-07
First Trailer For Robert Redford's The Conspirator
If you've been following the site for the better part of the last week you know that the Sundance Film Festival is in full swing down in Park City, Utah. In operation since 1978 with the great Robert Redford
Robert Redford Eric Eisenberg 2011-01-26
The Conspirator Keeps Building An Impressive Cast
Having played the super brainy Rory Gilmore on TV for so many years, Alexis Bledel is still adored by many women my age. But today I have no choice but to hate her. She's in the enviable position of playing James McAvoy's wife in The Conspirator
Robert Redford Katey Rich 2009-10-15
It's Civil War For Justin Long
The whole missing a limb thing immediately screams "Ben Stiller's character in Tropic Thunder gunning for an Oscar," but I really think Long has it in him to make something out of this. Plus he'll be onscreen a lot with James McAvoy, my other dream boyfriend. I see nothing wrong with this
Robert Redford Katey Rich 2009-10-14
James McAvoy And Robin Wright Penn Killed Lincoln
Robert Redford’s Lincoln assassination pic The Conspirator is moving forward and now he has a cast. Wanted man James McAvoy and angular beauty Robin Wright Penn are on board to star in the film
Robert Redford Josh Tyler 2009-09-14
Robert Redford Wants To Kill Abe Lincoln
Steven Spielberg still isn’t making his Lincoln movie, but Robert Redford is. He’s directing The Conspirator, a historical drama about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth
Robert Redford Josh Tyler 2009-08-18
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