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Disaster In Japan May Postpone Or Alter Avatar 2
James Cameron has spent the last few months working out ways to film in 3D inside the Marianas Trench, but with the earthquake aftereffects still hitting daily with no end in sight, the expedition may need to be scrapped not only out of safety concerns but also because of what could be exorbitant insurance costs
avatar 2 Mack Rawden 2011-03-21
James Cameron May Shoot Avatar 2 At 60 Frames Per Second
The 60fps look isnít inherently bad, itís just so different from the standard 24fps look we see 99.99% of the time in Hollywood films. It generally creates a ďreallerĒ look
avatar 2 Will LeBlanc 2011-02-01
Avatar 2 Arriving For Christmas 2014
Every few months James Cameron pokes his head out of the ground and promises an Avatar sequel. Hereís his latest foray out into the bright, yellow sunlight and weíre happy to report
avatar 2 Josh Tyler 2011-01-24
Some Minor Avatar 2 Details From Sam Worthington
The Australian-as-hell actor also had a few ideas of his own about where the story would take them once the helmer starts putting a script together
avatar 2 Will LeBlanc 2010-12-20
James Cameron Commits To Avatar 2 And 3 As His Next Films, Will Start Writing Next Year
Cameron, "who always viewed AVATAR as creation of new world and mythology" will start writing the film next year and aim to start production near the end of 2011
avatar 2 Katey Rich 2010-10-27
James Cameron Offers More Avatar 2 Details But Still Won't Commit To Starting Work On It
James Cameron's never been one to shy away from publicity, so it's no surprise that's he's out there once again talking up future sequels to his
avatar 2 Ryan Matsunaga 2010-10-20
Avatar 2 Isn't Happening Until At Least 2014
You want to know when a sequel is hitting, and unfortunately itís not going to happen for quite some time. We all know Cameron is a meticulous planner and wonít jump into anything until everything is mapped out to a T
avatar 2 Will LeBlanc 2010-08-24
James Cameron Considers Shooting Avatar 2 And 3 Back To Back
I know Fox is keen to make Avatar 2 but, even though this story has him talking about making the sequel, I still donít get the feeling that James Cameron is all that into making another
avatar 2 Josh Tyler 2010-08-09
Sam Worthington Talks Sequels To Clash Of The Titans And Avatar
With no less than nine projects in development on his IMDb page, Sam Worthington's stock is still selling high. In the last two years he has made three films that have grossed over $100 million domestically
avatar 2 Eric Eisenberg 2010-07-09
James Cameron Says Next Film Could Be Avatar 2...Or Not
At this weeks All Things Digital Conference, Cameron told attendees that his next film will be released in three to four years and could be Avatar 2...or something else that heavily leans on 3D
avatar 2 Will LeBlanc 2010-06-04
Cameron Says Avatar 2 Will Have A Release Date Soon
Release dates don't mean anything is set in stone, of course, but studios generally avoid announcing them until they know they have an actual product to present, which means that Cameron is moving forward on Avatar 2
avatar 2 Katey Rich 2010-05-13
More Avatar 2 Guesswork From Stephen Lang
The actor played Col. Quaritch in our first experience with the Na'vi, and is hoping that he gets the chance to be in the sequel even though his character dies at the end of the first one. Sorry for the spoiler, but if you haven't seen this movie yet it's your own damn fault
avatar 2 Will LeBlanc 2010-04-27
More Avatar Sequel Details Revealed: An Original Aliens Cameo?
The first thing to know is that there is a specific sequel planned, but they're already eyeing trilogy and beyond-- "The sky is no limit for this universe," as they put it
avatar 2 Katey Rich 2010-04-24
Avatar 2 Still  Not A James Cameron Priority, He Has Other Things To Do
Avatar is the biggest movie of all time and that means Fox is automatically in kind of a rush to get another one out there earning big dollars, but when it comes to Avatar 2 James Cameron will get to it when he gets to it
avatar 2 Josh Tyler 2010-04-23
Avatar 2 Will Happen Underwater
We should have seen this coming. James Cameronís obsession with aquatic life is near legendary. Heís spent millions running around in submarines and though you might think he developed his 3D technology
avatar 2 Josh Tyler 2010-04-21
Sigourney Weaver Will Return For Avatar 2
While appearing on the French television show, Le Grand Journal, Weaver was asked if sheíd be in the sequel. To anyone who has seen this movie, her response is a major surprise: she has spoken to James Cameron and he plans to have her reprise her role of Dr. Grace Augustine in Avatar 2.
avatar 2 Perri Nemiroff 2010-02-26
Cameron Working On An Avatar Prequel, But Not The One You Want
Fox and just about everyone else, is more than eager for James Cameron to get working on an Avatar sequel. Cameron on the other hand, hasnít seemed to be in much of a rush. In fact heís so not in a rush
avatar 2 Josh Tyler 2010-02-17
Fox Confirms That Avatar 2 Is Coming, But Maybe Not Soon
Yesterday here we told you about a rumored speed bump in the road on the way to an Avatar sequel. Whatís the problem? Cameron isn't in a rush to do it. Today THR came right out and confirmed the whole mess
avatar 2 Josh Tyler 2010-02-03
Avatar 2 Is A War Movie, But It May Not Be Cameron's Next Movie
Recent reports have indicated that James Cameron might already be working on Avatar 2 but the folks at Marketsaw, who came up with a lot of early scoops on the first film, say not so fast
avatar 2 Josh Tyler 2010-02-01
Avatar 2 Is Already Hiring
It looks like Avatar 2 is about to become a reality. Even though Cameron still insists they donít have a story, theyíre gearing up for pre-production anyway. Technical crew have already been signed up for three and five
avatar 2 Josh Tyler 2010-01-27
Avatar 2 Probably Won't Leave Pandora
As Avatar approaches Titanicís $600 million box office, James Cameron continues to talk sequel. Not every box office hit calls for a second film, but Avatar is particularly apt for the sequel treatment and Cameron has known it all along
avatar 2 Perri Nemiroff 2010-01-25
Avatar 2 Likely To Leave Pandora
With news of Avatar on its way to a $75 million second weekend itís no wonder thereís sequel buzz. Actually, if the folks at Market Saw are right, this isnít buzz at all; Avatar 2 is happening.
avatar 2 Perri Nemiroff 2009-12-27
Opening Pandora's Sequel: Sending A Message To Avatar 2
Avatar isn't open ended and doesn't leave a lot of room for further installments. Even if it was, following up a movie this big, this time intensive, is no small feat. But Cameron has this massive, CGI worlds just sitting there
avatar 2 Josh Tyler 2009-12-21
Avatar 2 May Go Beyond Pandora
The possibility of an Avatar sequel is nothing new, but the information on the potential plot certainly is. Back in September, the filmís producer, Jon Landau, told the French magazine Le Film
avatar 2 Perri Nemiroff 2009-10-26
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