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James Cameron Promises His Avatar Sequels Are Building Momentum
James Cameron does what he wants. As the director of the two highest-grossing movies of all time, not to mention three that were the most expensive movies ever made for their time, Cameron has proven over and over again that he can turn a giant pile of money into an even bigger pile of money, which is truly the most valuable skill in Hollywood. When he chooses to take a decade between projects, or to spend that time diving underneath the ocean in a submarine
avatar 2 Katey Rich 2013-03-18
Avatar Sequels And Much More Get $400 Million Backing At Fox
Really, James Cameron could probably single-handedly rustle up the money to pay for the next two Avatar movies. It might require selling a submarine or autographing 100 Titanic posters, but come on, he could do it. But Cameron, like everyone else in Hollywood, relies on other peoples' money to get his movies made
avatar 2 Katey Rich 2013-01-29
James Cameron Keeps Delaying Avatar 2 While He Takes Over New Zealand
Cameron is settling into New Zealand for better or for worse, promising to maintain the farmland on his new acreage but also closing down the wedding hall used by many locals, claiming "that's going to be my workshop." And though a big part of the reason for his movie is the chance to work with New Zealand film crews
avatar 2 Katey Rich 2012-07-30
Will James Cameron Shoot Three Avatar Sequels Back-To-Back?
There have been multiple franchises that have made the decision to shoot sequels back-to-back in order to cut down on time between releases. We've seen it before in franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean, The Matrix and Back To The Future, where parts two and three were pushed together, but only once before has a series chosen to shoot three movies back-to-back and that was Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy.
avatar 2 Eric Eisenberg 2012-06-26
James Cameron Is Only Making Avatar Movies From Now On
Unfortunately, James Cameron is also involved with a lot of other things that don't require his services as a filmmaker, from executing the deepest solo deep-sea dive in history to traveling to China to encourage that country to open up to more co-productions with the United States
avatar 2 Katey Rich 2012-05-07
Avatar 2 Won't Be Ready For Another Four Years, According To Producer
There was a 12 year period in between the releases of James Cameron's Titanic and Avatar. While he had other projects in the works, mostly dealing in underwater documentaries, it took him that long to develop both the story and technologies needed to make his science-fiction epic.
avatar 2 Eric Eisenberg 2012-01-11
James Cameron Hints That Avatar 2 May Feature Non-Linear Storytelling
Science fiction is a very special genre in the sense that you can really do whatever the hell you want and it can be considered reasonable. To paraphrase Rob Lowe's character in Jason Reitman's Thank You For Smoking, all you need to do is have a character say something like "'Thank God we invented the [blank]" and you're home free.
avatar 2 Eric Eisenberg 2011-10-11
Paula Patton Talks Mission: Impossible Action; Laz Alonso Doesn't Know About Avatar 2 Yet
While the answers were fairly vague, I will say that I'm very happy to hear about Patton getting in on the action for Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. After three movies, only Tom Cruise and Ving Rhames have returned for each one, while actresses like Emmanuelle Bťart (for obvious reasons), Thandie Newton, Maggie Q, Keri Russell (again, obvious) and Michelle Monaghan have never lasted more through more than one film.
avatar 2 Eric Eisenberg 2011-04-16
Avatar Special Effects To Be Done In Manhattan Beach
With prerequisites of nearly one hundred thousand square feet and a locale near James Cameronís motherís home, one property emerged above the rest. Itís in Manhattan Beach, and itís called the MBS Media Campus. Formerly Manhattan Beach Studios, itís an almost six hundred thousand square foot behemoth thatís housed programs such as CSI: Miami and Americaís Funniest Home Videos
avatar 2 Mack Rawden 2011-04-11
Disaster In Japan May Postpone Or Alter Avatar 2
James Cameron has spent the last few months working out ways to film in 3D inside the Marianas Trench, but with the earthquake aftereffects still hitting daily with no end in sight, the expedition may need to be scrapped not only out of safety concerns but also because of what could be exorbitant insurance costs
avatar 2 Mack Rawden 2011-03-21
James Cameron May Shoot Avatar 2 At 60 Frames Per Second
The 60fps look isnít inherently bad, itís just so different from the standard 24fps look we see 99.99% of the time in Hollywood films. It generally creates a ďreallerĒ look
avatar 2 Will LeBlanc 2011-02-01
Avatar 2 Arriving For Christmas 2014
Every few months James Cameron pokes his head out of the ground and promises an Avatar sequel. Hereís his latest foray out into the bright, yellow sunlight and weíre happy to report
avatar 2 Josh Tyler 2011-01-24
Some Minor Avatar 2 Details From Sam Worthington
The Australian-as-hell actor also had a few ideas of his own about where the story would take them once the helmer starts putting a script together
avatar 2 Will LeBlanc 2010-12-20
James Cameron Commits To Avatar 2 And 3 As His Next Films, Will Start Writing Next Year
Cameron, "who always viewed AVATAR as creation of new world and mythology" will start writing the film next year and aim to start production near the end of 2011
avatar 2 Katey Rich 2010-10-27
James Cameron Offers More Avatar 2 Details But Still Won't Commit To Starting Work On It
James Cameron's never been one to shy away from publicity, so it's no surprise that's he's out there once again talking up future sequels to his
avatar 2 Ryan Matsunaga 2010-10-20
Avatar 2 Isn't Happening Until At Least 2014
You want to know when a sequel is hitting, and unfortunately itís not going to happen for quite some time. We all know Cameron is a meticulous planner and wonít jump into anything until everything is mapped out to a T
avatar 2 Will LeBlanc 2010-08-24
James Cameron Considers Shooting Avatar 2 And 3 Back To Back
I know Fox is keen to make Avatar 2 but, even though this story has him talking about making the sequel, I still donít get the feeling that James Cameron is all that into making another
avatar 2 Josh Tyler 2010-08-09
Sam Worthington Talks Sequels To Clash Of The Titans And Avatar
With no less than nine projects in development on his IMDb page, Sam Worthington's stock is still selling high. In the last two years he has made three films that have grossed over $100 million domestically
avatar 2 Eric Eisenberg 2010-07-09
James Cameron Says Next Film Could Be Avatar 2...Or Not
At this weeks All Things Digital Conference, Cameron told attendees that his next film will be released in three to four years and could be Avatar 2...or something else that heavily leans on 3D
avatar 2 Will LeBlanc 2010-06-04
Cameron Says Avatar 2 Will Have A Release Date Soon
Release dates don't mean anything is set in stone, of course, but studios generally avoid announcing them until they know they have an actual product to present, which means that Cameron is moving forward on Avatar 2
avatar 2 Katey Rich 2010-05-13
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