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John Goodman, Bill Murray And Bob Balaban Explain What Drove Them To Become Monuments Men
In the film, the trio star as Walter Garfield, Richard Campbell and Preston Savitz, respectively, three members of the seven-man outfit known as The Monuments Men.
bill murray Eric Eisenberg 2014-02-06
Forget Retirement: Shia LaBeouf Is Making A Movie With Bill Murray
At some point over the past few months, Shia LaBeouf’s aggressively weird behavior got so consistently weird that it stopped surprising us. Whether threatening to retire from public life or releasing bizarre manifestos on willful plagiarism, his oddities somehow became par for the course. Eccentric, unexplainable shit became his M.O., which is why I’m now so shocked to report the following story that’s pretty much as conventional as it gets.
bill murray Mack Rawden 2014-01-31
How Bill Murray Tried To Save Garfield And Terrorized A Sushi Chef In 16 Things Learned From His AMA
When celebrities want to promote something, they take to the internet. Check out the sixteen most amazing, gotta read things we learned about Bill Murray during his detailed question and answer session.
bill murray Josh Tyler 2014-01-17
Bill Murray's Groundhog Day Headed To The Stage
Minchin will write the music and lyrics of the Groundhog Day musical, while Danny Rubin, who co-wrote the movie with Harold Ramis, will pen the stage show's book. Attached to direct is Matthew Warchus, who helmed Matilda: The Musical.
bill murray Kristy Puchko 2014-01-15
Bill Murray To Play The Villain In B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations
Described as a supernatural action comedy written and directed by Tony Leondis (Igor), the movie centers on a pair of ghosts named Moss (Seth Rogen) and Watts (Melissa McCarthy) who work for a top secret government agency that works to protect human beings from evil ghosts and their attempts to haunt the living.
bill murray Eric Eisenberg 2013-10-31
Why Bill Murray Wrote Wes Anderson A $25,000 Check To Help Make Rushmore
It turns out Bill Murray is even better than we have collectively imagined. The comedian who has forged his own path in film and in fun has a reputation for committing only to projects that interest him, and it appears his passion to see those films made right far exceeds his interest in money.
bill murray Kristy Puchko 2013-10-24
Bill Murray May Join Cameron Crowe's Untitled Romantic Comedy
Can we all just take a second to appreciate how wonderful it is to never have to worry about seeing Bill Murray in a movie like Larger Than Life again? I guess it’s technically possible but doubtful anytime soon. Since he’s already worked with directors such as George Clooney and Wes Anderson this year, I guess there’s no harm in him throwing a Cameron Crowe movie on the pile.
bill murray Nick Venable 2013-10-14
Bill Murray And Barry Levinson Team Up For Rock The Kasbah
Based on a script by Mitch Glazer, who previously worked with Murray on the absolutely awful film Passion Play, the new movie tells the story of a "burned-out music manager" who flies off to the Middle East when his last remaining client signs up for the USO tour. After a series of events, the protagonist finds himself alone, broke and stranded in Afghanistan without a passport...
bill murray Eric Eisenberg 2013-09-03
Wild Things Director Wants A Sequel About Neve Cambell And Bill Murray's Offspring
John McNaughton has said that another Wild Things film is in the works, and that he’s working on it with screenwriter Stephen Peters, who wrote the original film as well as Wild Things 2 and Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough. But forget about everything you’ve seen after the first one, because they want the new sequel to tell the story of the original movie's characters' children.
bill murray Nick Venable 2013-04-24
Bill F---ing Murray: The Video Essay
Were you expecting a three-part Bill Murray video essay when you woke up today? Probably not. But as it turns out, it's totally the perfect way to spend your afternoon, revisiting some of the highlights from nearly all of Murray's films, but not necessarily focusing on all the most famous stuff. There are instantly recognizable clips from Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day, of course, but not necessarily the most famous lines, plus scenes from movies like Tootsie and Little Shop of Horrors
bill murray Katey Rich 2013-04-04
Melissa McCarthy Will Star Opposite A Conniving Bill Murray In St. Vincent De Van Nuys
Who could possibly picture Murray as a corrupt, thieving, lying gambler? McCarthy will play his new neighbor, a single mother whose multi-shift hospital schedule forces her hand in asking De Van Nuys to look after her good-hearted 12-year-old son. Though the elder gentleman subjects the boy to much of his bad behavior, only the positive aspects are filtered through. It’s hard to see where this project could go wrong, especially if Melfi’s script is as affecting as its buzz has implied
bill murray Nick Venable 2013-03-12
Dan Aykroyd Says Bill Murray Can't Stop Ghostbusters 3 From Happening
This past summer, Aykroyd finally admitted Murray was out of Ghostbusters 3, which to many movie fans—myself included—seems like reason enough to let this project die. However, when Aykroyd is not promoting his Crystal Head vodka, he's cheerleading for Ghostbusters 3. Speaking with Esquire, Aykroyd insisted that not only was the project still brewing, but also there's nothing Murray can do to stop it.
bill murray Kristy Puchko 2012-12-06
Go Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III, Where Charlie Sheen Might Be Redeemed
Are we ready for the return of Charlie Sheen? Will we ever been? Ever since the Two and a Half Men star exploded early last year he's been pretty easy to avoid, and for those of us who got quickly sick of "tiger blood" and everything else, it was a relief. But early next year Sheen is making a comeback that will be difficult to ignore
bill murray Katey Rich 2012-12-03
Bill Murray Dressed As John Wayne In Images From A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III
It's hard to even decide what the most intriguing thing is about A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III. We first learned of it as a directorial effort from Roman Coppola, brother of Sofia and son of Francis Ford, who made his first feature CQ over a decade ago. It got even more fascinating when Coppola cast the self-destructive Charlie Sheen as the titular Charles
bill murray Katey Rich 2012-11-23
Daniel Craig, Bill Murray And More Make Up Star-Studded Cast Of George Clooney's Next
When George Clooney calls and asks you to take part in his next movie, you apparently say yes no matter who you are. The actor-turned-director, who earned a Best Director Oscar nomination for Good Night, And Good Luck, has been assembling a list of names for his next project, Monuments Men and it's a pretty star-studded affair
bill murray Katey Rich 2012-10-29
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