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Dr. Ken Joins Transformers 3 Along With Malkovich And McDormand
Transformers 3 has added a couple new faces, and they aren’t robots. According to director Michael Bay, John Malkovich, Frances McDormand, and the Ken Jeong (the answer to what’s in the trunk in The Hangover) have been added to the cast.
john malkovich Josh Tyler 2010-03-22
Bruce Willis Starts Shooting Red With The Cast Of Airwolf And Weeds
Summit Entertainment announced that principal photography is underway on the Robert Schwentke spy film Red and that Bruce Willis will have quite a powerful cast backing him up
john malkovich Perri Nemiroff 2010-01-18
John Malkovich Replaces John C. Reilly In Red
Will Ferrell has to be the first choice, right? To replace John C. Reilly in ANY movie? The two guys are pretty damn close to interchangeable at this point, considering Reilly has ignored his dramatic tendencies
john malkovich Tim Gomez 2010-01-10
John Malkovich Confirms He'll Play Spider-Man 4's Vulture
Malkovich was over in Italy on a TV sports show (???) and confirmed that he's on board the film, and is waiting for the final script to be sent along. Easier said than done, of course
john malkovich Katey Rich 2010-01-10
Spider-Man 4 Villain Overload: Vulture And Vultress Added?
The problem with Spidey 3 was acknowledged (too many villains) and then remedied by announcing Dylan Baker as the Lizard, the sole enemy for the next installment, or so we thought. Now, rumors of even more villains coming into play
john malkovich Will LeBlanc 2009-12-08
John Malkovich Helping Diane Lane Run The Triple Crown
Secretariat seems like it's going to be Diane Lane's show, with the actress playing the owner of the famous horse, who broke horse racing's gender barrier and led Secretariat to win the 1973 Triple Crown
john malkovich Katey Rich 2009-09-22
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