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No More Dark Tower For J.J. Abrams
Adapting a novel is a touchy task. One wrong move and you'll spoil a beloved book or run the risk of a film adaption with limited appeal. Back in February 2007, J.J. Abrams was gung-ho about bringing Stephen Kingís seven-book series
jj abrams Perri Nemiroff 2009-11-10
Wesley Crusher Was In JJ Abrams' Star Trek!
If you were of a certain age when Star Trek: The Next Generation debuted on network television, then Will Wheaton is your hero. And while everyone worried if Shatner would get a part in JJ Abramsí new Star Trek maybe you, like me, wondered
jj abrams Josh Tyler 2009-11-05
Leonard Nimoy As Mission: Impossible 4's Master Of Disguise?
Leonard Nimoy is almost certainly done with Star Trek. JJ Abramsí film gave him the perfect sendoff and itís highly improbably that weíll ever see him in Spockís logical ears again. He said as much earlier this week
jj abrams Josh Tyler 2009-10-09
Cruise, Abrams On Board With Mission Impossible 4
Frank T.J. Mackey himself Tom Cruise has signed on to produce the fourth installment of Mission Impossible, joining Star Trek helmer J.J. Abrams. Paramount Studios will put up the money and the whole thing could be in theaters by 2011
jj abrams Mack Rawden 2009-06-17
Fantasy Casting: Star Trek The Next Needs Jack Black As Harry Mudd
The script for a second Star Trek movie hasnít been written yet and we donít even really know for sure if JJ Abrams is directing it, but here's a bit of fantasy casting: What about Jack Black as Harry Mudd?
jj abrams Josh Tyler 2009-06-09
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