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Robert Rodriguez Enters Negotiations To Direct The Deadpool Movie
There's no deal in place, and first Rodriguez has to get Machete out in theaters next month and then direct Spy Kids 4, but his gifts with both action and the comedy required of "the merc with a mouth"
robert rodriguez Katey Rich 2010-08-02
Comic Con: Robert Rodriguez Shows Off 7 Minutes Of Machete
While not an official part of Comic Con, Robert Rodriguez, Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez showed up at a local parking lot to host a party tonight, complete with a taco truck and free posters for all
robert rodriguez Eric Eisenberg 2010-07-23
Predators 2 Happening?
Robert Rodriguez is big on promises, short on delivery. Fewer than half the movies he says heís going to make ever actually get made. So keep that in mind when I tell you that now heís promising another
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-07-22
At SDCC? Hit Up The Machete Event For Free Tacos And Fun Times  With The Cast And Crew
20th century Fox is upping the game but not only showing exclusive footage of Robert Rodriguezí Machete of a giant outdoor screen, but also by providing free tacos to anyone
robert rodriguez Will LeBlanc 2010-07-21
New Machete Trailer Cuts, Shoots, And Karate Chops
This new trailer shows off everyone involved, but unceremoniously drops Lindsay Lohan from the trailer completely. Probably a smart move. Danny Trejo shows up doing exactly what heís been doing since the beginning
robert rodriguez Will LeBlanc 2010-07-08
5 Reasons Predators Is The Sequel Predator Deserved
John McTiernanís film Predator is an 80s classic, a mixed-genre masterpiece that perfectly blends action, sci-fi and horror into something beautiful. It spawned one of the internetís greatest memes
robert rodriguez Eric Eisenberg 2010-07-08
5 Reasons Predators Isn't The Sequel Predator Deserved
They ignored all the inferior garbage that's happened with the Predator name attached to it since, and set out to make a direct sequel to the only really good movie in the entire Pred series. It didn't work, at least not
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-07-08
Rodriguez Re-Writing Sin City 2, Looking For A Time Slot
In recent years Robert Rodriguez has proven himself to have a case of ADD when it comes to film projects. Despite clamoring from fans wanting a sequel to the hit 2005 film Sin City, Rodriguez
robert rodriguez Eric Eisenberg 2010-07-05
Predators Goodies: 4 Minutes Of Clips, Hanzo The Yakuza And A New Online Game
You wake up to find yourself falling at terminal velocity towards an alien planet covered in forest. You remember absolutely nothing about how
robert rodriguez Eric Eisenberg 2010-07-01
Robert Rodriguez Offered Deadpool Directing Job
It's been a while since we last heard anything about the Deadpool movie, and with good reason, as Ryan Reynolds has been spending most of the year dressing up as the Green Lantern.
robert rodriguez Eric Eisenberg 2010-06-14
Special Illegal Machete Trailer Gets Political
Youíve seen the Machete trailer they made before filming the movie, now get a look at the first Machete trailer put together afterwards. Robert Rodriguez has unveiled what heís calling his ďIllegalĒ trailer
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-05-05
Laurence Fishburne Brings The Crazy In His New Predators Featurette
Predators has launched another character featurette, this time focused on the Laurence Fishburne character Noland. Unlike all of the filmís other human characters, Noland
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-05-04
New Predators Featurette Exposes The Cold-Blooded Killing Power Of Danny Trejo
The official Predators website had unveiled yet another new character featurette. This time the subject is Danny Trejoís character, Cuchillo
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-04-27
Empty Promises: You Want Them But These Movies Will Never Happen
This is their funeral, a way to say goodbye to all the great projects we've lusted after which we're pretty sure aren't going to happen, or if they do happen, they're never happening the way we all wanted them to
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-04-26
New Predators Featurette Introduces Isabelle The Sniper
The premise behind the new Predators movie is pretty simple. A tribe of Predators kidnaps the most deadly killers on Earth, drops them in a game preserve, and has some fun. Sure to be one of those deadliest killers is Isabelle
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-04-21
Machete Will Get The Women Over Labor Day
Robert Rodriguezís Machete now has a release date. Iím still not sure Iím ready to believe itís actually happening. Itís based on one of the fake trailers from Grindhouse, a movie which was widely considered
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-04-16
New Predators Featurette Focuses On The Mysterious Edwin
While most people still want to kick him in the balls for playing the character that single-handedly took down Sam Raimi's Spider-Man series, Topher Grace has decided to rebound his career with another action series
robert rodriguez Eric Eisenberg 2010-04-13
Megan Fox Offered Red Sonja's Chainmail Bikini? UPDATED
itís alive and well and whatís more, the part has been offered to Megan Fox. That makes sense, sheís kind of like a hotter version of Rose McGowan circa 1997. This isnít the same Red Sonja Rodriguez has been originally planned
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-04-05
New Predators Featurette Proves Adrien Brody Is A Badass
If I had to some up the concerns of most fans when it comes to Predators in two words, it would be these: Adrien Brody. Heís the lead in Nimrod Antalís movie and heís being asked to live up to the rather large, muscled
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-03-25
Spy Kids 4 Sets August 2011 Release Date
Dimension Films has set August 19, 2011 for the release of Spy Kids 4: All The Time in the World, which will include an entirely different cast from the first three films
robert rodriguez Katey Rich 2010-03-24
Predators Trailer Online Now!
The first ever trailer for the Robert Rodriguez produced sequel Predators has arrive and, hopefully, youíll think itís every bit as badass as I did when I first saw it last Friday. Now's your chance to drink it all in
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-03-19
Robert Rodriguez Will Reboot His Spy Kids Franchise
Rodriguez will direct the reboot as his next project, and in doing so, has abandoned any chance of directing the planned Jetsons film. He explained itíll be set 10 years in the future and will involve a more advanced form of 3-D than his previous attempts.
robert rodriguez Doug Norrie 2010-03-15
Predators Sneak Peek Online Now!
On Friday I was on hand for Robert Rodriguezís SXSW unveiling of Predators, his Nimrod Antal directed sequel to the original 87 Pred film which started it all. Now Robert has something for you too. Fox has released a new Predators featurette
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-03-15
SXSW Rant: Horror Directors Offended By Nudity, Love Gratuitous Violence
Something really strange happened during SXSWís Directing the Dead panel this weekend, and Iím not talking about the fact that Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth bailed on it at the last minute. Horror directors
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-03-14
SXSW: Predators Trailer And Footage Seen, It's Badass
Tonight Austinís SXSW audience was hunted by Predators, and few escaped unmarked. Sequel producer and Austin native Robert Rodriguez showed up with director Nimrod Antal in tow to unveil a first look at their new installment
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-03-13
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