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New Trailer For Robert Rodriguez-Kobe Bryant Short Reveals Danny Trejo And Bruce Willis
Earlier this month a trailer for a Robert Rodriguez short called The Black Mamba came online. The preview was fairly nondescript
robert rodriguez Eric Eisenberg 2011-02-02
Trailer For The Robert Rodriguez-Directed Kobe Bryant Short The Black Mamba
By all accounts, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez are the best of friends, but they're production speed couldn't be any
robert rodriguez Eric Eisenberg 2011-01-18
Danny Trejo Says Machete Sequel Has Already Been Written
At the end of Robert Rodriguez's Machete, the director made a pretty steep promise: multiple sequels. Had the film been more successful it wouldn't be an issue, but the fact is that the movie made
robert rodriguez Eric Eisenberg 2010-12-02
Jessica Alba Made Rodriguez Remove Her Sex Scenes From Machete
I’ll never understand Robert Rodriguez’s obsession with Jessica Alba. She shows up in nearly all of his recent movies but never seems to actually want to do any of the things he’s written for her to do in them. In Sin City
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-11-26
Jessica Alba Wears A Leather Catsuit On The Set Of Spy Kids 4
Back in the early years of this millennium, Jessica Alba became a star when she played the perpetually leather-clad Max Guevera on the James Cameron/Charles H. Eglee series Dark Angel. In the years since
robert rodriguez Eric Eisenberg 2010-11-02
Jeremy Piven Cast As The Villain In Spy Kids 4
Robert Rodriguez is at his best when writing and directing R-rated action fare, but every couple of years decides that he needs to make a children's movie, so instead of making Sin City 2, Rodriguez has
robert rodriguez Eric Eisenberg 2010-10-27
Deadpool Script Review: This Role Could Make Ryan Reynolds An Icon
What you’re about to read is a review of the most recent draft of the script for 20th Century Fox’s upcoming superhero film Deadpool, a movie based on the comic book character
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-10-12
Robert Rodriguez Promises Sin City 2 Is Next
Right now Rodriguez is working on a fourth Spy Kids movie which almost no one but him wants to see, but when that’s over, he’s now promising he’ll get to work on Sin City 2
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-10-11
Joel McHale Cast In The Upcoming Spy Kids Reboot
Always immensely likable, even when hosting a show on the E! network, Joel McHale is finally starting to get the career he deserves. For years the man has been stuck in bit roles and small movies despite
robert rodriguez Eric Eisenberg 2010-09-08
Machete Killed: Why Rodriguez's Exploitation Movie Failed To Find An Audience
In an era with international markets and DVD sales, no movie with a marketing campaign behind it and which only cost
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-09-05
Illegal Outrage: Why Machete May Be Booed In Border States
Machete isn't just the ultra-violent action movie people seem to be expecting, it's a movie intent on making a series of pretty outrageous political statements
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-09-02
Danny Trejo And Michelle Rodriguez To Reunite In Skinny Dip
Danny Trejo has been working as an actor since the early 1980s and has made almost 200 films, but the release of Machete this Friday will mark a first for him: it's his first starring role in a
robert rodriguez Eric Eisenberg 2010-08-30
Jessica Alba Will Lead Spy Kids Into A Reboot
I guess being in one of those terrible Spy Kids movies is the price you have to pay to be in one of Robert Rodriguez’s more interesting movies. Jessica Alba is in Machete
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-08-24
Explosions, Sword Fights, And Seagal: Watch Robert Rodriguez Directing Machete
Robert Rodriguez is legendary for his shoot from the hip directing style, and the speed with which he can get a movie in the can and done. If you’re a fan
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-08-20
Machete Is Finished And Ready For Release
Robert Rodriguez is known for two things in his filmmaking: he can take the smallest budget you will see and stretch it a mile and he works tremendously fast. What helps in both aspects is that he's
robert rodriguez Eric Eisenberg 2010-08-11
Robert Rodriguez Enters Negotiations To Direct The Deadpool Movie
There's no deal in place, and first Rodriguez has to get Machete out in theaters next month and then direct Spy Kids 4, but his gifts with both action and the comedy required of "the merc with a mouth"
robert rodriguez Katey Rich 2010-08-02
Comic Con: Robert Rodriguez Shows Off 7 Minutes Of Machete
While not an official part of Comic Con, Robert Rodriguez, Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez showed up at a local parking lot to host a party tonight, complete with a taco truck and free posters for all
robert rodriguez Eric Eisenberg 2010-07-23
Predators 2 Happening?
Robert Rodriguez is big on promises, short on delivery. Fewer than half the movies he says he’s going to make ever actually get made. So keep that in mind when I tell you that now he’s promising another
robert rodriguez Josh Tyler 2010-07-22
At SDCC? Hit Up The Machete Event For Free Tacos And Fun Times  With The Cast And Crew
20th century Fox is upping the game but not only showing exclusive footage of Robert Rodriguez’ Machete of a giant outdoor screen, but also by providing free tacos to anyone
robert rodriguez Will LeBlanc 2010-07-21
New Machete Trailer Cuts, Shoots, And Karate Chops
This new trailer shows off everyone involved, but unceremoniously drops Lindsay Lohan from the trailer completely. Probably a smart move. Danny Trejo shows up doing exactly what he’s been doing since the beginning
robert rodriguez Will LeBlanc 2010-07-08
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