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Kung Fu Panda 3: What We Know So Far
Kung Fu Panda 3 is less than a month away, and you may or may not have known. that. Even better, we have some information on what you should be expecting from the second sequel, all laid out in this handy guide.
Jack Black Mike Reyes 2016-01-01
Shallow Hal Star Joshua Shintani Dead At 32
Though he only ever appeared in a single movie, Joshua Shintani left a big impression on many viewers. Best known for a small role in the Farrelly Brothers’ 2001 comedy Shallow Hal, Shintani passed away last week at the tragically young age of 32.
Jack Black Brent McKnight 2015-11-30
Jack Black's Goosebumps Music Video Is A Cheesy Slice Of Theme Song Heaven
The Goosebumps film is based on the award-winning children's horror series. And now, the movie's star Jack Black has helped the film's theme song by adding his goofy voice to the rap and playing gloriously along in the accompanying video.
Jack Black Adrienne Jones 2015-10-08
Goosebumps 2 Is Happening, Get The Details
The cinematic version of R.L. Stine’s beloved Goosebumps novels doesn’t even hit theaters until later this year, but that’s never stopped anyone from looking to the future. And in case you were curious, Goosebumps 2 is already in the works.
Jack Black Brent McKnight 2015-09-03
Kung Fu Panda 3 Goes For The Easy Star Wars Joke In Latest Trailer
Go ahead and guess the Star Wars joke the new Kung Fu Panda 3 trailer uses for laughs. Winner gets the satisfaction of being right!
Jack Black Mike Reyes 2015-08-25
12 Terrifying Things We Learned On The Set Of Goosebumps
By now, you've seen some reveals of these monsters and madmen. But director Rob Letterman is saving some bumps in the night for the big screen. Still, there's plenty to dish about what we did learn cruising the set of Goosebumps.
Jack Black Kristy Puchko 2015-07-21
The Goosebumps Trailer Is Adventurous And Fun
I may be old and cranky and most definitely not the target audience, but judging by this first trailer, the Goosebumps movie might actually be a pretty good time.
Jack Black Brent McKnight 2015-07-08
Kung Fu Panda 3 Introduces Po's Father, See The New Pics
We've been given our first peak at Kung Fu Panda 3, including a look at Po's long-lost father, Bryan Cranston's Li.
Jack Black Gregory Wakeman 2015-06-11
Jack Black Will Literally Go To War With His Neighbors In Micronations
It was all the way back in 2006 that Jack Black and director Jared Hess hooked up for the first time to make the Mexican wrestling-inspired comedy Nacho Libre, and nine years later, they're set to reunite. Both are now attached to make a new project called Micronations, which has quite the interesting logline.
Jack Black Eric Eisenberg 2015-05-18
Jack Black Almost Played A Superhero
Jack Black has made a name for himself playing hilarious roles on the big screen, along with a few dramatic projects here and there. However, one type of role he hasn’t sunk his teeth into yet is a superhero, but he almost got the chance.
Jack Black Adam Holmes 2015-05-11
Jack Black's Student Film From High School Is Everything You'd Hope For
Jack Black is one of those individuals that you simply assume was born a movie star. Now early footage of Jack Black starring in a student film in the 1980s has emerged and it showcases the raw energy that has epitomized the comedian throughout his career.
Jack Black Gregory Wakeman 2015-05-04
The D Train Trailer: Watch Jack Black Crush His High School Reunion
In recent years, Jack Black hasn't been at the front and center of any live-action feature projects, instead choosing to do a bit more voice-over work and TV, but now he's back as the leading man in The D Train, and you can watch the movie's debut trailer inside.
Jack Black Eric Eisenberg 2015-03-31
Jack Black And Will Ferrell Comedy Tag Took A Huge Step Forward
If you were looking forward to Jack Black and Will Ferrell making the game of Tag into the motion picture you have to see to believe, you're in luck! The project looks very much alive, as they've made a really big move towards reality.
Jack Black Mike Reyes 2015-03-16
Watch The Incredible 2015 Oscars Opening Song
One can't imagine how nervous Neil Patrick Harris must have been backstage in the moments before the official start of this year's Academy Award ceremony, but all those jitters obviously left the stage once the show began. How do we know? Because his opening number, titled "Moving Pictures," is absolutely fantastic. Check it out inside!
Jack Black William Fanelli 2015-02-22
The Oscars Just Hired Jack Black To Bring The Crazy
The Oscars are almost here, but that doesn't mean it's too late to announce new acts performing on the night! Read on to see why Jack Black's return is a good thing for the Oscars.
Jack Black Mike Reyes 2015-02-05
The Role A Pissed Off Matthew McConaughey Lost To Jack Black
Matthew McConaughey, of the McConaughnessance McConaugheys, has a motto of "Just keep living." But that doesn't mean this breezy, bongo-playing Texan hasn't had his moments of sheer outrage. One of those came leveled at long-time friend and colleague Richard Linklater, when McConaughey learned he'd lost out on a role he desperately wanted to Jack Black.
Jack Black Kristy Puchko 2014-10-30
Why Paul Rudd And Justin Long Were Terrified Of Playing The Beatles
Justin Long has admitted that he “freaked out“ the night before he played George Harrison in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. Long was overwhelmed by the opportunity to play the favorite member of his favorite band, which he did alongside Paul Rudd’s John Lennon, Jack Black’s Paul McCartney and Jason Schwartzman’s Ringo Starr.
Jack Black Gregory Wakeman 2014-09-19
Citizen Kane Gets The Drunk History Treatment With Jack Black
When Orson Welles made Citizen Kane back in the early 1940s, it was considered one of the most controversial Hollywood movies ever made - though not because of violence, foul language, sex or nudity. Rather it was because the film's fictional central subject, Charles Foster Kane, was loosely though obviously not-so-lovingly based on the life of William Randolph Hearst, a newspaper magnate who also happened to be one of the most powerful and influential people in America.
Jack Black Eric Eisenberg 2014-08-06
Jack Black IS R.L. Stine In Goosebumps Movie First Look
Now the children's author who brought us titles like Stay Out of The Basement, Night of the Living Dummy and The Haunted Mask is getting a movie makeover of his own, courtesy of Jack Black, who plays R.L. Stine in the upcoming Goosebumps movie.
Jack Black Kristy Puchko 2014-07-17
Richard Linklater Will House The Killer He Made A Movie About
In a story that's stranger that fiction, a filmmaker, who made a movie about a real-life killer, is now housing that very killer so he can be set free. It sounds completely bonkers, but when you hear the details, you might be surprised how sweet the whole thing (sort of) is.
Jack Black Kristy Puchko 2014-05-07
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