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Clint Eastwood And Ben Affleck Pick Release Dates For Jersey Boys, Live By Night
Eastwood’s will arrive first. The director’s screen adaptation of the Broadway smash Jersey Boys will open in theaters on June 20, 2014. The movie, of course, is based on the Tony Award-winning musical that chronicles the rise of the famous band The Four Seasons, led by Valli in the lead singing role.
clint eastwood Sean O'Connell 2013-11-05
Jersey Boys Actress To Reprise Role In Movie Version
Piccininni has been on Broadway in the show since 2005, playing Lorraine, a pretty Detroit journalist whose interview with Frankie leads to a torrid affair. She joins John Lloyd Young, who will be reprising his role as Valli, Jeremy Luke, who appears in Joseph Gordan-Levitt’s directorial debut Don Jon, Boardwalk Empire’s Vincent Piazza...
clint eastwood Kristy Puchko 2013-08-28
UPDATED: Clint Eastwood Up To Replace Steven Spielberg On American Sniper
The film will tell the true story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who holds the U.S. military record for most sniper kills. Over the course of his decade-long career serving multiple tours of duty in Iraq, Kyle took out more than 150 targets, shattering the previous American record of 109.
clint eastwood Eric Eisenberg 2013-08-20
Christopher Walken Joins Clint Eastwood's Jersey Boys
It was last month when it was reported that Eastwood would be avoiding casting big name actors to star as the members of the band, but apparently Walken may only be the first on what will be a growing list. According to Deadline, the star will be the one of "several stars who’ll add some name recognition to the production."
clint eastwood Eric Eisenberg 2013-07-24
Watch Ken Watanabe Play Clint Eastwood's Role In Unforgiven Remake Trailer
Damn I wish I spoke Japanese. Still, even without being able to understand what these performers are saying, it’s easy to be taken in by this trailer’s striking visuals, stirring soundtrack, and steely bravado of Ken Watanabe in this intriguing remake of Unforgiven.
clint eastwood Kristy Puchko 2013-07-21
Clint Eastwood Avoiding Movie Stars For Jersey Boys Adaptation
This is a surprising move as it's practically Hollywood tradition to ditch the stage stars for bigger names that have a broader box office appeal. That being said, it's kind of an awful tradition, especially considering some stage performers helped define these characters that people cling to, and then all the mainstream glory goes to the flashier star who follows in their footsteps.
clint eastwood Kristy Puchko 2013-06-11
Clint Eastwood Blu-ray And DVD Collections Come With Tons Of Famous Films
To celebrate Eastwood's illustrious career, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is putting together one Blu-ray and one DVD set of some of Eastwood’s favorites. The Clint Eastwood 40 Film Collection DVD and the Clint Eastwood 20 Film Collection Blu-ray will be available for purchase beginning on June 4.
clint eastwood Jessica Rawden 2013-05-23
Clint Eastwood To Direct Jersey Boys Adaptation?
When it comes to an adaptation of Jersey Boys, the multi-Tony award winning hit Broadway musical, it seems counter-intuitive that we haven’t already seen an Oscar performance from it.
clint eastwood Nick Venable 2013-03-29
Why Clint Eastwood's A Star Is Born Remake Is Pointless Without Beyonce
There will probably be other movie projects for Beyonce that don't get caught up in so many delays, and more starring roles to help her become the real triple-threat she's been on the verge of becoming for a decade. But without her A Star Is Born is looking weaker than ever, and at this point, the entire remake idea is seeming kind of pointless without her at its center
clint eastwood Katey Rich 2012-10-10
Beyonce Leaves Clint Eastwood's A Star Is Born
The search for leads continues for Clint Eastwood's remake of A Star Is Born. This summer Bradley Cooper was in talks to play a past his prime rock star opposite Beyoncé Knowles, who was attached to headline as an aspiring singer who is taken under his wing. But months have passed without Cooper signing on, and as the project still flails at securing a start date, Beyoncé is sashaying away.
clint eastwood Kristy Puchko 2012-10-09
Trouble With The Clint: Should Eastwood Have Retired 20 Years Ago?
Are Eastwood’s best days still ahead of him? Or should he have stopped working a while ago? Mack and Sean had differing opinions about the state of Eastwood’s career, so they took it to the Great Debate forums, where they hammered out the specifics of Clint’s past, present and future.
clint eastwood Sean O'Connell and Mack Rawden 2012-09-21
Nic Cage Up For Expendables 3, Maybe Clint Eastwood And Harrison Ford Too
I remember when the posters first came out for The Expendables boasting names like Stallone, Statham, Li, Lundgren, Couture, Austin, Crews, Rourke, Willis. It seemed a dizzying dream to have an action movie so overstuffed with unapologetically burly and badass stars. And the resulting movie was as insane as it was enjoyable.
clint eastwood Kristy Puchko 2012-08-13
Tom Cruise Being Looked At For Clint Eastwood's A Star Is Born
he story follows an aging rock star (Cruise, should he choose to sign on) as he takes a young and talented singer (Knowles) under his wing and sacrifices his own career to make her famous. The actor does have recent experience in the music game as he has a major role in Adam Shankman's musical Rock of Ages, due out June 15th, in which he plays hair metal rocker Stacee Jaxx.
clint eastwood Eric Eisenberg 2012-03-09
Scott Eastwood Joins Clint Eastwood In Baseball Film Trouble With The Curve
Clint Eastwood proved he still had it with his fantastic performance in the 2008 film Gran Torino. And this weekend, he proved it again by lending his talent through voice and brief appearance in Chrysler’s “Halftime” commercial. His next big screen venture is a baseball drama called Trouble with the Curve, which he’s not only starring in, but also producing along with Robert Lorenz through Malpaso Productions.
clint eastwood Kelly West 2012-02-09
Matthew Lillard Joining Clint Eastwood In Trouble With The Curve
As reported by EW, Lillard is in negotiations to join Clint Eastwood in Trouble WIth the Curve, both of them playing baseball scouts. The "trouble" in the title may refer to the fact that Eastwood's character is slowly going blind, even while on a trip to Atlanta to evaluate a new player
clint eastwood Katey Rich 2012-01-17
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