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Kung Fu Panda 3: What We Know So Far
Kung Fu Panda 3 is less than a month away, and you may or may not have known. that. Even better, we have some information on what you should be expecting from the second sequel, all laid out in this handy guide.
jackie chan Mike Reyes 2016-01-01
The 5 Highest Paid Actors In The World
We all known that actors can make a lot of money. Forbes just released its list of 2015's top earning in case you're interested in finding out which actors padded their bank accounts the most this year.
jackie chan Brent McKnight 2015-08-04
Rush Hour 4 A Possibility If This Happens
If you thought you were done with the action-comedy team up of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, you may have been wrong. There have been talks, but director Brett Ratner says time and scheduling are the main issues behind its delay.
jackie chan Brent McKnight 2015-07-31
Jackie Chan To Star In Action Thriller, The Foreigner. Get The Details.
If you've been waiting for Jackie Chan to make a triumphant return to action, we've got some good news for you. Read on to see what The Foreigner means to Chan's career.
jackie chan Mike Reyes 2015-06-11
Owen Wilson And Jackie Chan Will Reunite For Shanghai Dawn
MGM revives the Shanghai series, with Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan attached to co-star in a triumphant return.
jackie chan Ayanna Julien 2015-05-15
Dragon Blade Trailer: John Cusack And Jackie Chan Are In A War Movie Together
Through their careers, John Cusack, Jackie Chan and Adrien Brody have each experienced high levels of acclaim and box office success, but what happens when they all come together to make a movie in China? The result is Dragon Blade, the first trailer for which was just released online.
jackie chan Eric Eisenberg 2014-12-28
The Cinematographer Of Jackie Chan's New Movie Just Died On Set
South China Morning Press confirms the deadly accident, revealing that 51-year-old cinematographer Chan Kwok-hung drowned in the waters off Lantau Island after the boat that carried multiple crew members capsized.
jackie chan Sean O'Connell 2014-12-18
Dragon Blade: Is John Cusack Awkward Or Believable As A Roman Soldier?
Get ready for The Eagle to meet The Dragon, as John Cusack straps on his armor and protects his Roman comrades in Dragon Blade! Whether you laughed or cringed at that last sentence, you've got to see the poster they've crafted for this "opus."
jackie chan Mike Reyes 2014-11-10
The 2 Things You Can't Do If You Want To Be An Actor In China
If you are a Chinese actor who has dabbled in even the slightest bit of drug use or has slept with a prostitute then it’s fair to say that your career might be over. Chinese officials for the state administration of press, publication, radio, film, and television have declared that any film starring any actor who has been arrested on either drug or prostitution charges isn’t allowed to be screened on either the big or small screen.
jackie chan Gregory Wakeman 2014-10-10
Jackie Chan Explains Why He Turned Down Expendables 2 And 3
These movies so far have been overstuffed to the point of parody. The latest film tries to find space for two full Expendables teams, reducing Jet Li to a tiny cameo and four spoken lines, and he doesn't even throw any kicks. And Wesley Snipes seems like a selling point for the new movie, but after a major break-in that frees him, he and the rest of the Expendables are (temporarily!) fired and replaced by the new crew.
jackie chan Gabe Toro 2014-08-15
Jackie Chan Has Been Approached About Rush Hour 4, Won't Commit Without A Script
The legendary Chinese action star was in London, England this week for the premiere of his latest directorial effort, Chinese Zodiac, and following the screening he participated in a Q&A with British television host Jonathan Ross. It was at this time that Chan began talking about doing both a Rush Hour 4 and/or a Drunken Master 3.
jackie chan Eric Eisenberg 2014-08-14
CinemaBlend's Action Hero Hall of Fame: The 2014 Inaugural Class
We tried to spotlight performers who had a single concentrated peak of their talents, while also addressing those who put a premium on action films over any other genres, even when the films would get disreputable. To be in the Action Hall Of Fame, you need b-movies on your resume as much as you need A-movies.
jackie chan Gabe Toro 2014-08-14
Jackie Chan, Seann William Scott Doing A Renny Harlin Film Means This Must Be 1999
Renny Harlin is in negotiations to direct Skiptrace, a Jackie Chan vehicle that will co-star Seann William Scott. Should he sign on, he'd be replacing Sam Fell, ParaNorman director who was set to make his first live-action feature here.
jackie chan Kristy Puchko 2014-05-20
Nicolas Cage, Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes And Milla Jovovich In Talks For Expendables 3
All four actors have plenty of action genre cred that should help the four new stars fit in quite well with the rest of the ensemble cast. The question that remains, however, is how the four characters will be used. I'd personally want to see Chan, Snipes and Jovovich join up with the good guys and then cast Cage as a ridiculously over-the-top bad guy with plans for world domination. But what do you think?
jackie chan Eric Eisenberg 2013-05-31
Jackie Chan Is Up For The Expendables 3
According to reports, Chan said, "Sly had invited me to be in Expendables 2 but I was too busy filming CZ12 and couldn't make a commitment to the film. But he did extend his invitation to the third movie, which I agreed on the condition that I will be appearing as more than just a minor role with a few scenes."
jackie chan Sean O'Connell 2012-12-17
Rush Hour 4 Could Be More Likely Than You Think
Pressed for plot details Sarkissian mostly seemed to be spitballing, and he said they're still looking for a screenwriter-- and that even bringing back director Brett Ratner, who was responsible for the previous three films, wasn't a given. "If he wants to do it he’s more than welcome to do it but he’s got to do it in the right way.” Ouch
jackie chan Katey Rich 2012-07-30
Jackie Chan Signs On For A New Untitled Action-Comedy
Though the film doesn't have a title yet, Jay Longino is attached to both direct and write the script. Chan helped develop the story as well, which will see the Chinese star play a detective who goes on the hunt for a gambler that owes money to the Macau casino syndicate. They are looking to go global with the production, shooting in Hong Kong, Macau, Eastern Europe and mainland China.
jackie chan Eric Eisenberg 2012-06-27
Jackie Chan Helps Lead A Revolution In Newest Trailer For 1911
While his martial-arts skills have always ranked Jackie Chan among the greatest action stars of all time, the Chinese actor is also well known for choosing comedy over drama. Hell, even his more serious films have a sense of levity simply because you can't help but smile and laugh as Chan pulls off death defying stunts and kicks serious ass...
jackie chan Eric Eisenberg 2011-09-22
First Trailer For Epic Shaolin With Jackie Chan
The first trailer for Benny Chan's Shaolin has arrived online. Set during China's warlord era, General Hao Jie (Andy Lau) is successfully leading a military campaign across China when he is betrayed and his deputy (Nicholas Tse) tries to have him killed. Taking shelter in a Shaolin temple, Hao Jie begins to train as one of them. When the warlords come to take the temple, however, the hero is forced to fight back.
jackie chan Eric Eisenberg 2011-08-01
First Trailer For Jackie Chan's Chinese War Epic 1911
You're going to have no idea what's going on in the trailer for Jackie Chan's next film 1911-- well, not unless you speak Chinese, I suppose. But you probably are still curious to see the trailer for the movie that's being billed as Jackie Chan's 100th film
jackie chan Katey Rich 2011-05-30
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