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Kingsman 2 Comic-Con Footage Features Julianne Moore's Villain, Some Forced Cannibalism

Panels have officially started at the famous Hall H in the Anaheim Convention Center, and 20th Century Fox kicked things off in a big way with a special preview of Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Fantastic Beasts 2 Cast List - All The Confirmed And Returning Characters

Ready for some magic? Get a look at all of the folks returning and debuting in the next Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film inside.

Why The Original Planet Of The Apes Desperately Needs A Reboot

With the success of War for the Planet of the Apes, now seems as good a time as any to update the 1968 classic into the modern era. Read on to find out why.

War For The Planet Of The Apes Ending: What It Means, And What Should Happen Next

War for the Planet of the Apes delivered a powerful conclusion to the trilogy that began six years ago, and we're delving into how its events set up the future of the Apes franchise.

5 Reveals DC Needs To Make At San Diego Comic-Con

DC needs to make a serious statement at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, and these are the reveals that we expect to see over the course of the weekend.

Every Spider-Man Movie, Ranked By Greatness

There have been six Spider-Man films, each one with their own unique ups and downs. Let's see where they fall on the scale and what comes out as the best Spider-Man film so far.

3 Disney Movies That Dropped The Ball By Skipping D23

The D23 Expo was over this past weekend and man, it was a big event. We (or at least the people in attendance) saw stuff from Star Wars, Marvel, numerous Disney animated and live-action movies and we got news on video games and theme park attractions. But some sat quietly.

8 George A. Romero Movies You Need To See

The late horror icon's resume is full of classics, but these are the George A. Romero horror films that you absolutely need to see.

One Thing Future Disney Live Action Adaptations Need To Remember

If Disney's going to keep reinventing childhood favorites like Dumbo and The Lion King, they should keep one important fact in mind. Read on to find out more.

Every Major Disney Update Out Of D23

D23 was absolutely packed, showcasing some of the biggest movies to be hitting the screen in the next year. Keep track of all the major updates right here.

This Rotten Week: Predicting Dunkirk, Girls Trip And Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets Reviews

We might be coming up on the end of July, but that's not stopping Hollywood from continuing to throw out some big titles. And this week the industry truly has something for everybody. War, sci-fi, comedy... it's all here.

Two Ways Avengers: Infinity War Is Changing Spider-Man After Homecoming

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming. If you have not yet seen the movie, and don't wish to read about any specific details, please bookmark this page and return after your screening!

9 Amazing Things Shown In The Star Wars: The Last Jedi Video

D23 did not disappoint in the Star Wars category, as the director and a number of the cast were on hand to show off a new behind-the-scenes video from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Here are the coolest things that can be spotted in the video.

The Avengers: Infinity War Debuts Footage At D23, And We Are Still Shaking

With any luck, it won't be too long before the first trailer for The Avengers: Infinity War debuts online... but today we got a very special treat in the form of a first look at Disney's D23 Expo. And it left us literally shaking.

The Wreck-It Ralph 2 D23 Footage Is The Most Disney Thing To Ever Disney

Get ready for Disney overload, as today we got our first look at Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2!

Ranking The Planet Of The Apes Films, From Worst To Best

Matt Reeves' War For The Planet Of The Apes already is being hailed as one of the best films of the summer (if not the year), and is looking at big box office numbers. But it still begs the question: where does it rank among the other movies in this beloved sci-fi universe?

To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right War For The Planet Of The Apes Ticket

Apes together, strong. But is War for the Planet of the Apes a 3D presentation worthy of Caesar's honor? Read on, as we monkey around with our glasses and give you our verdict.

6 Things To Remember Before Seeing War For The Planet Of The Apes

We've gathered together the most important pieces of information you need to remember before going to see War for the Planet of the Apes this weekend.

Why The DCEU Should Explore The Elseworlds Stories

With a Superman: Red Son movie rumored to be in development, we think it's time for Warner Bros. and DC to continue embracing the classic Elseworlds stories.

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 - What We Know So Far

So what can we expect from this sequel? When will it be released? Which characters will return? What will it be about? We've built this feature with the exact purpose of answering those questions, so read on to learn what we know so far about the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming!

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