The Star Wars Prequel Actor Who Absolutely Will Not Show Up In Rogue One
Welcome to another addition of: Stuff you won't see in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Yesterday we learned about one character from the original trilogy who won't be in the movie. Today, we have news on a prequel actor who also won't be anywhere near the film.
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One Massive Star Wars: Rogue One Rumor Just Got Shot Down By The Director
There is no rumor like a Star Wars rumor. With the Star Wars universe going off into both the future and the past at the same time, there are numerous theories about how it all might tie together. One of those theories just collapsed.
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New Star Wars Theory Actually Connects Rey To A Classic Franchise Villain
One Star Wars fan has analyzed the evidence at hand and formed a connection between Rey and this villain from the previous movies.
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Why Family Guy Is Probably Done With Star Wars Episodes
The Family Guy producers have finally revealed why we won't be getting any more Star Wars parody episodes any time soon. The answer is a little blunter than you'd guess.
Star Wars: Rogue One Unveils A Mystery Character At Comic-Con
One benefit to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is its ability to introduce a galaxy of new characters to the existing Star Wars universe, because it takes place in a previously unexplored era set between two films -- Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope.
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5 Star Wars Reveals We're Still Waiting For
Star Wars Celebration has come and gone and while we saw some pretty cool stuff and had a chance to revel in our love of Star Wars, once the dust cleared, we realized something. There was a lot of news that we were expecting that we never heard. Often these sorts of shows will at least answer a few of our questions, but this one just left us wanting.
Star Wars 8 Director Rian Johnson Has A Cameo In Rogue One, Here’s Who He Plays
Star Wars: Episode VIII director Rian Johnson recently revealed that he will have a brief (but awesome) cameo in the upcoming standalone film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
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7 Star Wars Characters Who Need To Pop Up In The Han Solo Movie
A list of seven established Star Wars characters that Alden Ehrenreich's Han Solo should definitely face off against in the character's upcoming standalone movie.
How Rogue One Could Still Include A Title Crawl
Recent suggestions that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story might not open with the expected crawl has fans in a dither. Well, based on something that we managed to see at Star Wars Celebration in London, I think there's a solution that meets both sides in the middle.
Star Wars Rebels Showrunner Defends One Of The Franchise's Worst Elements
The Star Wars franchise has created a universe that can be really, really great as well as really, really awful. Star Wars Rebels has now officially defended one of the really, really bad elements of the franchise to date.
Star Wars Fans Get The Best Surprise After Playing Theme Song Outside John Williams’ House
We all love Star Wars. One of the reasons that we all love Star Wars is because of the fantastic music that John Williams created for it. A couple of kids decided to show their appreciation by playing Star Wars music for John Williams.
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The Star Wars Spinoff Movie J.J. Abrams Would Like To See Made
While he isn't slated to be in the director's chair for another Star Wars film anytime soon, J.J Abrams still has a pretty good idea for one of the Star Wars Stories that the franchise will spawn. Read on to see what Abrams wishes could be a Star Wars Story, and why he should get his wish.
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Why Star Wars: Rogue One's New Planet Is Important, According To The Director
After getting glimpses of the beautiful planet that is known as Jedah, Gareth Edwards is ready to explain why this tropical battleground is so important to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Read on to see why this lush new paradise exists in the first place.
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Star Wars Battlefront Is Adding A Fan-Favorite Character
One of Star Wars' most iconic characters is finally making their way into the popular third-person shooter, Battlefront, and he's bringing his trusty bowcaster along for the ride.
Will Finn Be In A Coma In Star Wars 8? Rian Johnson Has A Hilarious Idea
Star Wars: Episode VIII director Rian Johnson originally had a hilarious (although somewhat dark) plan for Finn in the upcoming adventure in a galaxy far, far away.
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How Star Wars Episode VIII Will Handle The Han Solo Aftermath
At Star Wars Celebration Europe, Carrie Fisher revealed how the major Han Solo moment from The Force Awakens will factor into the events of the next Star Wars film.
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One Big Way Star Wars Episode 8 Will Break From Tradition
On Sunday at Star Wars Celebration Europe, Star Wars Episode VIII director Rian Johnson spoke a little about his upcoming films, and the things he's changing about the franchise.
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The Star Wars Virtual Reality Experience Is The Coolest Thing I Saw At Celebration
At Star Wars Celebration, an annual gathering of Force-friendly fans, the big announcements usually come from the main stage. But sometimes, you have to go off the beaten path to discover the coolest stuff at a major event at Celebration, which is what I did.
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Star Wars Battlefront Is Making Some Serious Changes This Summer, Get The Details
DICE and Electronic Arts have announced that they have big plans for Star Wars: Battlefront starting next week. They're bringing in some additional modes that fans have been requesting since the game launched last year.
A New Darth Vader Movie Has Been Announced, With An Exciting Twist
We all want a Darth Vader solo movie, and now it appears it's finally going to happen. And you won't believe how they're pulling it off.
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