How Bill Murray Ended Up In Zombieland, According To The Writers
Zombieland was one of the happy surprises of 2009, as a comedy with a fair amount of heart and also tons of good old fashioned zombie killing. But the question is: how the hell did they book Murray in this role?
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One Way Ghostbusters Changed After Bill Murray Agreed To Cameo
To try and avoid cameos that feel incredibly forced and really take you out of the movie, the filmmakers behind the new Ghostbusters, for the most part, gave the stars of the 1984 blockbuster characters to play who were already featured in the script.
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The Great Acting Advice Bill Murray Dished Out On The Set Of HBO's Vice Principals
Advice is one of the cheapest things on Earth, but that doesn't mean it can't also be priceless. Comedy icon Bill Murray has been dispensing sage wisdom for longer than I've been alive, and he dropped a stellar bit of guidance on the set of the upcoming HBO comedy Vice Principals.
Bill Murray Gives His Most Honest Reaction Yet To The Ghostbusters Remake
Do Bill Murray's comments sway you? Was your mind already made up? Are you willing to give Ghostbusters a real chance? Find out when the movie opens in theaters on July 15.
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Bill Murray's Hilarious Thoughts On His Retirement
Bill Murray has spoken out about the topic of retirement, and the importance of taking a step back in order to keep the right people in your life.
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How Private Jets, Bill Murray And Smoked Brisket Helped Neel Sethi Prepare For The Jungle Book
It’s not exactly hard to see why most children will put “movie star” on their list of dream jobs. It’s a pretty glamorous gig that opens doors to all kinds of wild adventures and opportunities, not to mention gives you time with incredibly talented and famous individuals.
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Bill Murray's Reaction To A Basketball Game Is The Saddest Thing On The Internet
Bill Murray: The Man has been at the head of many a hilarious comedy, and Bill Murray: The Legend has made tons of average stories hilariously amazing by making unexpected appearances in the most random of places. But there is apparently a limit to just how much mirth the Groundhog Day star can be accountable for.
Here's What Happened When Bill Murray Went Off Script For His Ghostbusters Cameo
Bill Murray went off script when he filmed his Ghostbusters cameo. And rather than being furious, Paul Feig has now admitted that it was hilarious.
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The Ghostbusters 2 Reference That Could Have Set Up The Perfect Sequel
When we learned that the Ghostbusters franchise would be returning in the form of a reboot instead of a sequel, many fans were bummed. While we're still excited for the new movie, it turns out that there was possibly a great idea for a trilogy after all.
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Space Jam's Getting Ready To Celebrate Its Anniversary In A Big Way
Not to make you feel old, but it turns out that Space Jam will have its 20th anniversary this year, and it will be celebrating in an exciting way.
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Who Bill Murray Will Play In Wes Anderson's Next Comedy
Bill Murray has become as much a staple of the films of Wes Anderson as pastel colors and pretentious characters. At this point, it’s about a forgone conclusion that if Anderson has a film, Murray will be part of it in some way.
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A Very Murray Christmas Trailer: Bill Murray's Netflix Special Looks Hilarious
Yeah, your Christmas this year might be cool, but it won’t be “Bill Murray hanging out with Chris Rock, George Clooney and Amy Poehler with wine flowing like waterfalls” cool. Luckily, we can watch that all happen on the new Netflix special A Very Murray Christmas.
Why Bill Murray Decided To Make Funny Movies Again
Bill Murray has revealed that he was convinced to return to the comedy genre after a discussion with film critic, Elvis Mitchell.
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How Dan Aykroyd Actually Feels About Bill Murray Refusing To Make Ghostbusters 3
The popularity of the Ghostbusters franchise is kind of an amazing thing to behold when you consider that it’s really only the first movie that is so beloved. Even a mediocre at best sequel could not tarnish people’s desire to see more.
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Who The Ghostbusters Almost Battled At The End Of The First Film
Ghostbusters was an immediate classic when it was released in 1984. Arguable one of the best scenes in the movie is the climactic battle between the team and a giant marshmallow man. Now we know that another creature was almost our movie ending villain.
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Deleted Ghostbusters Scenes Show Bill Murray And Dan Aykroyd Playing Two Different Characters
If there’s an upside to the ridiculous arguments over the upcoming new Ghostbusters film it’s that people are giving the original film another look. Turns out there are a few interesting things from that film that you may not know about.
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Bill Murray's 10 Funniest Roles, Ranked
Bill Murray is a comedic genius. And with another hilarious role on the way, let's take a moment to celebrate this fact by reminiscing about the 10 funniest roles of his career.
Why Bill Murray Wants To Be On The Amazing Race
While Bill Murray is an actor who often favors film projects over stuff on the small screen, there is one TV show that he would be totally down for signing on for and that project is actually a reality competition series, of all things.
The One Role Bill Murray Regrets Not Getting
Bill Murray doesn't have many regrets. In fact, he has just one. And that's not starring in Peter Weir's Year Of Living Dangerously.
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 Watch Bill Murray Tell A Joke For The Pope
We can’t get enough of Bill Murray these days. It seems like the beloved actor has only become an even more lovable pop culture figure in the past few years, and I’m sure not complaining about it.

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