Why Quentin Tarantino Is The Perfect Director For Deadpool 2
Check out our list of reasons why Quentin Tarantino is the perfect choice to replace Tim Miller as the director of Deadpool 2.
Deadpool Fans Are Campaigning For An Oscar Award Winning Director To Replace Tim Miller
Many fans were disappointed to learn last week that Tim Miller, the director of Deadpool had made the decision not to return to the sequel. However, some many have decided to take the opportunity to attempt to recruit a fairly impressive replacement.
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Why Deadpool 2 Will Survive The Setback
This week, the production of Deadpool 2 was struck a blow. It has been reported that Tim Miller, director of the first Deadpool, is leaving the project due to creative differences. This is unquestionably a setback, as it's a key vacancy that will require time and proper vetting to fill -- but now is not the time for fans to panic about the anticipated sequel.
Deadpool 2: Why Tim Miller May Have Left As Director
News of Tim Miller's departure from Deadpool 2 stunned fans. But now we may know why he decided to leave the project.
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Deadpool 2 Just Took A Major Step Backward
After the unexpected success of Deadpool, Fox quickly green lit a sequel. But it now appears there is some serious trouble in paradise, and Deadpool 2 had taken a major step backward.
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Why Deadpool’s Edgy Marketing Campaign Worked So Well, According To Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds has figured out why Deadpool's marketing campaign worked so well. And the answer isn't synergy.
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Battle Angel: Alita Is Adding A Deadpool Star
Alita: Battle Angel has been assembling its supporting cast over the last couple months to accompany the main star, Rosa Salazar. The latest actor to join the post-apocalyptic insanity is this Deadpool star.
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What Deadpool In Captain America: Civil War Would Have Looked Like
Deadpool wasn't able to participate in Captain America: Civil War's insanity, but fortunately, one fan has shown us what that might have looked like.
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DC And Marvel: 10 Times An Actor Switched Sides
Now that the superhero movie genre is at the height of its popularity, it's becoming more common for actors who previously worked on a Marvel movie to jump onto the DC train, and vice-versa. Here are 10 of the most high profile actors who have done that.
Why They Need To Stop Making X-Men Movies For A While
Following X-Men: Apocalypse, the future of the main X-Men series hasn't been quite cemented yet, so 20th Century Fox should take a break from making these movies. Here's why.
The X-Men: Apocalypse Post-Credits Scene Almost Introduced A Deadpool 2 Character
In the post-credits sequence for X-Men: Apocalypse, fans are teased about the exciting arrival of Mister Sinister to the X-Men movie franchise... but what you probably don't know is that we almost got something completely different instead.
Someone Cut All Of Deadpool’s Curses Into One Video, And It’s NSFW Magic
We all know that Deadpool has a way with words, especially when those words consist of four lettered combinations of profanity. But if you really want to get to know his vocabulary, then you need to take a look at this montage of every swear Wade Wilson has used in his first solo film.
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Watch Deadpool’s Creator Hilariously Explain The Difference Between Deadpool And Deathstroke
Check out a brand new, hilarious video of Rob Liefeld laying out the key differences between DC's Deathstroke and Marvel's Deadpool.
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A Deadpool Deleted Scene Shows A Possible Connection To The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Months after Deadpool arrived on home media, it's been discovered that there was a subtle MCU connection thrown into a deleted scene.
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The Cool Thing Ryan Reynolds Did For The Deadpool Writers During Shooting
After 20th Century Fox refused to pay for Deadpool's writers to be on the film's set, Ryan Reynolds did this cool thing to help them out,
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How Bill Murray Ended Up In Zombieland, According To The Writers
Zombieland was one of the happy surprises of 2009, as a comedy with a fair amount of heart and also tons of good old fashioned zombie killing. But the question is: how the hell did they book Murray in this role?
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Deadpool 2 For Mackenzie Davis? Here's What She Has To Say
Rumors have swirled that Mackenzie Davis could be playing the mutant assassin Domino in Deadpool 2. Now the actress herself has weighed in on if the rumors hold any weight.
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2016's Biggest Box Office Winners, So Far
We recently looked ahead at the 21 movies that we hope will revive 2016 after this lackluster summer frame. But before we put the summer season in the books, let's look back at the 10 box office winners of 2016 so far.
How Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Feels About These Cable Casting Rumors
While Deadpool has been one of the top movies of 2016, all interest now is on the already planned Deadpool 2. Casting rumors have been flying like mad, and now Rob Liefeld, the man behind the merc, has finally spoken out.
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8 Things You Should Know About Domino Before Deadpool 2
The post-credits scene in Tim Miller's Deadpool confirmed that the sequel would feature the live-action debut of the time-traveling badass known as Cable... but it looks like he won't be the only important new character in Deadpool 2.
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