Silicon Valley Is Not Going To Air With Game Of Thrones This Year
We either have some really good or really bad news related to HBO coming your way. For the last several years, HBO's spring lineup has been comprised of Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and Veep.
A Surprising Game of Thrones Reunion May Be Happening In Season 7
Now it appears that another big reunion is happening on Game of Thrones, reintroducing a figure from back in Season 1.
What To Expect From Theon In Game Of Thrones Season 7
What's next for Theon and Yara as they move into Season 7? Here's what Alfie Allen said.
Game Of Thrones' Natalie Dormer Just Found Her Next Big TV Role
Having been a big part of Game of Thrones for the majority of its seasons, actress Natalie Dormer has landed her next big TV role.
Are Two Big Game Of Thrones Characters Meeting Up In Season 7?
Two big players could possibly be on a collision course in Season 7. Here's the latest in Game of Thrones news.
How Game Of Thrones Affected Stranger Things Season 2
While Stranger Things and Game of Thrones are decidedly different series, it turns out that the latter has affected Season 2 of the Netflix series.
The Game Of Thrones Star Who Wants To Play Catwoman
The DCEU is going to cast Catwoman within the next few years, and one Game of Thrones star has officially thrown her hat into the ring for the iconic part.
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New Game Of Thrones Beer Hints At Season 7’s Conflict
Season 7 of Game will be shorter than its predecessors, with fans worrying that there won't be enough great stories and episodes to validate the delay. Luckily for us, some Game of Thrones merch may accidentally have revealed plot details on the upcoming season.
Emilia Clarke Has The Best Response To Wrapping Game Of Thrones Season 7
Emilia Clarke, aka Khaleesi herself, is always very active and hilarious on social media. As such, she took to Instagram to celebrate wrapping Season 7, and it's great.
Which Game Of Thrones Character Fans Think Is Most Likely To Die In Season 7
Game of Thrones kills off a lot of characters, and fans have already weighed in on who they think is most likely to bite the dust when the seventh season premieres.
What The New Game Of Thrones Story Is Going To Be About
George R.R. Martin has taken his time in releasing any new material for the book saga that inspired Game of Thrones, but we now know what exactly his upcoming short story will be about it.
One Game Of Thrones Casting Rumor That Was Completely Made Up
A lot of Game of Thrones rumors get tossed around between seasons, and while many have a semblance of truth about them, one Season 7 casting rumor was total malarkey.
Why Game Of Thrones Spoilers Are So Infuriating To Maisie Williams
There's been a bit of a fight between big shows with avid fandoms such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead in recent years. HBO stopped sending out screeners to avoid the leaking of spoilers.
George R.R. Martin Is Releasing A New Game Of Thrones Story, Get The Details
Now it appears that a new Game of Thrones story written by George R.R. Martin is coming, and it isn't the upcoming "The Winds of Winter".
Game Of Thrones Is Adding A Brand New Character
While some news has leaked from the set about what probably is coming, we still haven't heard much on the casting front, which is why any casting news is fascinating news.
Did The Game Of Thrones Season 7 Premiere Date Get Leaked?
Game of Thrones is currently gearing up its seventh and penultimate season over at HBO. We've known for a while that the drama would be airing later than usual in the TV schedule.
The Game Of Thrones Actor Who Almost Played Robert Baratheon
Game of Thrones actors are so perfectly fitting, it's hard to imagine others in each role. It turns out one show actor originally sought out the role of Robert Barantheon before Season 1 came together.
How Much The Cast Knows About What’s Coming On Game Of Thrones, According To Maisie Williams
We've known for a while now that Game of Thrones is heading into its final act. With that in mind, a lot of people are wondering how much the cast and crew knows about where Game of Thrones is heading in Seasons 7 and 8.
Two Game Of Thrones Stars Asked For Young Pics Of Themselves And Fans Responded
Winter is coming, and so is a ton of throwback photos.
The Wild Way A Dead Character Could Return To Game Of Thrones
It looks like a dead character from Game of Thrones is returning for Season 7, and in a crazy way.
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