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Horror Legend John Carpenter Has Two Spooky TV Shows In The Works

Legendary director John Carpenter has made a bunch of excellent genre films, and now fans of his work will have not one, but two, TV shows of his to get creeped out by.

Halloween Is Getting A Reboot, Here’s Who’s Writing And Directing It

John Carpenter, director of 1978's Halloween, has announced that a reboot of his classic movie is in the works. Get the details ahead.

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What Role John Carpenter Might Have In The New Halloween Movie

Halloween is coming back and this time they're hoping to do it right. John Carpenter is on board as an executive producer, but the legendary horror icon may have an additional that is hugely important to the franchise.

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The New Halloween Movie Isn't As Far Along As We Thought

It very much looked like the wheels were in motion on the new Halloween movie a few months ago... but now we have learned that the developing project is still in its earliest stages.

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John Carpenter’s Blunt Opinion On Rob Zombie’s Version Of Halloween

Horror legend John Carpenter finally opened up regarding Rob Zombie's 2007 version of Halloween. And he didn't hold back.

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A Huge Secret About John Carpenter's The Thing May Have Just Been Revealed

There has been a mystery surrounding John Carpenter's The Thing since it was released back in 1982. Now, it's possible that the movie's cinematographer just let the cat out of the bag.

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Why Luc Besson Now Owes John Carpenter A Lot Of Money

A French judge has ordered Luc Besson to pay John Carptenter $500,000 because his 2012 film Lockout was just too similar to his classic Escape From New York.

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John Carpenter's Starman Is Getting A Remake From This Blockbuster Director

John Carpenter's 1984 film Starman will soon receive a brand new sheen with a major blockbuster director set to step behind the camera for the upcoming remake.

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John Carpenter Thinks He May Be Done Making Movies, Here’s What He Says

John Carpenter is unquestionably a true legendary filmmaker. Since starting his career directing features in the mid-1970s, he has made some of the most iconic Hollywood films of all time.

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Horror Legend John Carpenter Just Trashed The Walking Dead

John Carpenter recently did an interview about horror, and he made sure to throw some shade at everyone's favorite zombie show.

The Harsh Criticism John Carpenter Has For The Original Friday The 13th

John Carpenter recently spoke out about Friday the 13th, and as it turns out: he isn't too fond of Jason Voorhees' slasher franchise.

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Halloween Is Coming Back With One Important Addition, Here's What We Know

The next Halloween movie is bringing back a major player from the original films to help shape the horror franchise's next chapter.

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How One Of Kurt Russell's Best Films Inspired The Hateful Eight

In The Hateful Eight, Kurt Russell stars as a member of an ensemble that finds itself isolated in a snowy landscape as paranoia lingers in the air and everyone begins to question everyone’s motivations. If this sounds familiar, it’s because that same description could be just as easily applied to John Carpenter’s The Thing.

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Metal Gear Solid Creators Almost Got Sued By John Carpenter

It turns out that nice guys don’t always finish last. In a recent interview with film writer/director John Carpenter, it was revealed that video game writer/director Hideo Kojima was not sued over some copyright issues because, well, he’s a pretty swell dude.

8 Arguments Horror Fans Will Never Stop Having

Horror fans are well known to be a rather contentious bunch prone to heated arguments. With Halloween on the way, what better time to look at some of the more hotly contested debates?

How Kurt Russell Really Feels About The Big Trouble In Little China Remake

Several months ago the internet echoed with a collective, “wait, what?” when it learned that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was on board to star in a remake of the cult classic Big Trouble in Little China.

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The Escape From New York Reboot Has A New Plan

Yet another sci-fi classic is on tap for the remake train, and, after almost a decade of trying to get it off the ground the filmmakers finally have a plan of action. Read on to get the details.

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Halloween Is Getting Re-Released, Get The Details

WIth the leaves turning and Halloween approaching, now is the perfect time for watching spooky movies, and one of the scariest of all time is returning to theaters.

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John Carpenter's Brutally Cynical Reaction To The Rock's Big Trouble Remake

When news recently surfaced that the classic, Big Trouble in Little China would soon be getting the reboot treatment with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, it seemed a curious project choice. However, one would have thought it would be especially surprising for the original film’s director, John Carpenter. However, his response is filled with devastating dispassion.

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Dwayne Johnson Will Star In New Big Trouble In Little China Remake, Get The Details

It would appear that Big Trouble In Little China is becoming the latest classic John Carpenter movie to get the proposed remake treatment... and it already has one very interesting lead actor getting involved with it.

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