Watch Marvel Stars And Tons More Take On Michael Jackson For Hilarious Lip Sync Battle Trailer
The list of contestants for Lip Sync Battle Season 3 has been announced, and not only is it full of top-notch entertainers, but it's presented through a lip-synced remake of the music video for Michael Jackson's "Beat It."
These Differences Between Marvel And DC Fans Are Super Strange
New data pertaining to the fundamental differences between Marvel fans and DC fans shows some truly bizarre distinctions. Get the details!
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Suicide Squad Just Notched Another Box Office Win Over Rival Marvel Studios
Backed by intense fan enthusiasm, the film has gone on to become an unexpected box office smash in the face of innumerable negative reviews. In fact, Suicide Squad has become so successful, that it even just achieved the honor of dethroning one of Marvel's best movies of all time.
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The Blunt Reason Marvel Uses Mirror-Image Villains In Its Movies, According To Kevin Feige
Marvel's villains have been one place where the studio has received criticism for an otherwise solid film franchise. One of the reasons for this is that the villains often turn out to be little more than evil versions of the hero.
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The Doctor Strange Trailer May Have Confirmed When This Fits Into The MCU Timeline
When does Doctor Strange take place, with regards to the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline? It's a questions Marvel fans have been raising for some time.
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The Defenders Just Added Another Marvel Netflix Star
Just as the superheroes in The Defenders will be learning to work together, each hero has his or her own supporting characters that will come in and out of the mix, and another fabulous one has been confirmed.
Doctor Strange Originally Was Going To Have A Very Different Opening
It's common that whole sequences can be scrapped because they aren't fitting into the finished story as it continues to come together -- and in the MCU, we even have heard of certain scenes being used a post-credit sequences, or even prologues for pending sequels. This might have happened for Scott Derrickson'sDoctor Strange.
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When Marvel Fans Can Get An Exclusive Look At Doctor Strange In IMAX
While we're still a few months away from Doctor Strange hitting theaters, Marvel is hosting a special first-look at the Sorcerer Supreme's adventure. Get the details.
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Why Luke Cage Was Made Before Iron Fist
When Marvel and Netflix were first banging out their slate, Iron Fist was originally supposed to be the third street-level hero introduced. Here's why Luke Cage got the gig instead.
Why Doctor Strange’s Villain Really Hates The Ancient One
Captain America has Red Skull. Iron Man has The Mandarin. Spider-Man has The Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus. But who is Doctor Strange's signature villain? The Marvel sorcerer isn't exactly a household name, and his rogue's gallery might be even ore obscure.
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Wait, Doctor Strange Is A Supernatural Martial Arts Movie?
It's exciting when Marvel allows a new filmmaker to enter the MCU and take over the format of an origin story and fashion it around an unexpected and unpredictable genre.
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How Closely Does Doctor Strange Connect To The MCU? Here's What Kevin Feige Says
Seeing as how this standalone origin story arrives after the devastating events of Captain America: Civil War, how will Derrickson's Doctor Strange connect to the overall MCU? How much does Strange know about the Avengers, and vice versa?
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Will Doctor Strange Have An Infinity Stone? Here’s What We Know
Two of the six Infinity Stones have not been discovered in the MCU, to date. The Soul Stone and the Time Stone are up for grabs. Will one appear in Doctor Strange?
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How Many Oscars Could Captain America: Civil War Actually Win?
Marvel has submitted Captain America: Civil War for awards consideration, but how many Oscars could the superhero smackdown actually win?
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Why Marvel's Team Ups Work So Well, According To DC Star Jai Courtney
Suicide Squad actor, Jai Courtney, seems to have a reason for why Marvel's team up movies work so well. Get the details!
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Chris Hemsworth Is Looking Huge While Filming Thor: Ragnarok
Chris Hemsworth just posted a brand new photo of himself to Instagram, and it's abundantly clear that he got bigger than ever to portray Marvel's Asgardian hero,
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Luke Cage’s Showrunner Reveals If There Will Be More Than One Superhero In Season 1
Luke Cage premieres on September 30th, and many hardcore comic book fans have been wondering if certain aspects of the lore would be introduced in the series. Namely Heroes for Hire, which featured an all-star cast of heroes that make money from their vigilante activities.
What Marvel Did So Benedict Cumberbatch Could Star In Doctor Strange
Director Scott Derrickson was keen on Benedict Cumberbatch playing Doctor Strange, so Marvel made a big decision to make that happen.
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Luke Cage Review: Netflix's Latest Marvel Show Is Every Bit As Awesome And Exciting As We Wanted
While it's familiar in that it's a show that's able to get a bit more hardcore than its PG-13 blockbuster cousins, Luke Cage also has a distinct, unique flavor that could very well lead it to being called the best Netflix/Marvel series so far by the time it's first season is over.
Why It's Taken So Long To Diversify The MCU, According To One Writer
While the MCU is pretty great, it lacked diversity during Phases One and Two. Now one Marvel writer has revealed why it took so long to feature women and people of color.
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